Camera-man is Ordered to Stop Filming as Teen is Brutalized By Police

In a video released May 25th 2016 a police officer is shown brutalizing a teen for allegedly trespassing on school property.

The video begins with the teen screaming in pain as the officer can be heard saying “do you want more?” as if he was a playground bully, beating him into submission. As clearly seen in the video, the officer has the teen restrained and easily over powers him. The teen does not appear to be resisting but repeatedly calls for help and he claims that he cannot move his arm – as the officer repetitively orders the teen to move his arm while digging his knee into the teen’s back.Untitled

The man filming is shown on Facebook as Nelson Moroukian.  Toward the second half of the video, an audible order coming from Moroukian’s left demands that he turn off the camera. Moroukian respectfully and wittingly declined.

More constant screaming can be heard from the teen as he is pinned by the officer against the side of a vehicle, in a “full nelson” (no pun intended) type restraint.

Almost immediately, more public school officials arrive on the scene and order Moroukian to cease filming immediately. According to Maroukian’s post, he is a student of the high school in which the incident occurred and was later contacted by the school’s principle asking him to modify his post regarding the video.

My principal has called me and asked me to change the narrative of this post to give a more accurate representation of what occurred. He was trespassing and, according to officials, not cooperating with the officer. I have also been told he was not a Central student.

Despite this, people do not deserve to be treated this way. While there I could clearly hear that he was attempting to do what the officer was telling him to, while the officer continued to hold him down with a knee in his back.

I have not been able to get in direct contact with Mr Moroukian, however he has listed on his Facebook as having attended St. Paul Central High School in Minneapolis, presumably where the incident took place. The phone number where you can call and let them know what you think of their staff’s behavior is: (651) 744-4900. You can also contact Mary Mackbee, the principal, via email at:

teacher tyrantAs if there isn’t already a problem with lack of police accountability, with the increasing number of police brutality incidents happening in public schools; these public school officials are part of the problem. By demanding that the camera be turned off, they immediately advocate and condone the violent acts against the brutalized teen.

Let’s all give Mr Moroukian a round of applause for knowing and exercising his rights while not being intimidated by fascist, violent state officials.


Ryan Scott

Ryan Scott is a journalist and police brutality/accountability activist in the Northern Illinois area. Ryan is the founder of DeKalb County Cop Watch, Illinois Against Checkpoints, and also known for several viral videos involving police activism.