Chicago Cop Who Rammed Car; Beat Innocent Female Pastor Has History of False Charges (Update)

In April, posted the story about a female pastor who had her car rammed and then was pepper sprayed and beaten by a group of Chicago police officers in what was described as a “road rage” incident. Within a lawsuit she subsequently filed, Reverend Catherine Brown maintained that she was “treated like an animal” during the assault, which occurred while she had two small children inside her car.

Her “crime” that day was blowing her horn at a police car that was speeding down a crowded alley without lights or sirens on, almost hitting her and then blocking her driveway once it stopped. She was then confronted by Officer Michelle Morsi Murphy, who yelled profanity at her while another officer, Jose Lopez, pointed a gun at her head and attempted to force her out of the car.

Soon after, other officers joined in assaulting Brown, who then attempted to drive away before her car was rammed and she (and one of the children) was pepper sprayed. Next, she was pulled from the car and beaten savagely by multiple cops, who then arrested HER for attempted murder.

Not surprisingly, it has since come to light that Officer Morsi, who started the entire episode and reportedly laughed as Brown was being beaten, has a long list of complaints and misconduct during her time as a Hero at the Chicago Police Department. Among the many bruises on this Bad Apple’s record are three incredibly blatant instances in which she falsely accused people of crimes and even one case in which she arrested a completely innocent person.

As is seen in the video, where CBS Chicago tries to interview her, she reported a man as having robbed a store and being armed with a knife when neither was actually true. At the same time, she also reported three black men that were in the store as having robbed a different store, which they hadn’t even visited that night. In addition, she vindictively arrested a innocent woman for drug possession even though she was just picking up legally prescribed medication for her grandmother at the time and had showed her proof of that fact.

Beyond that, she has a growing laundry list of misconduct complaints and generally insane behavior. Yet, all those Good Cops that are in charge of “investigating” those complaints did absolutely nothing about her outrageous and potentially deadly conduct toward innocent people.

CBS Chicago Video of “Bad Apple” Officer Michelle Morsi

Facebook Post from CBS Chicago

Original Video of Incident

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