Copblock Radio EP 122 “Weaponized Freedom”

This week on Copblock Radio our hosts were myself (Severin Freeman) from Lehigh Valley Copblock, Matt Taylor of Carbon County Copblock, Scott Marshall of The Oath Accountability Project, and Rick Gonzalez of Allentown Copblock.

We started off the show discussing our various encounters with police during the Allentown Copblock 3-day meetup event. We chalked Allentown City Hall & filmed lots of police activity. We also briefly discussed a story close to home where Catasauqua Police shot another animal , whom happened to be a dog owned by Rick’s extended family. Luckily, the dog lived, but it’s just another unwarranted case of cops shooting family pets.

Next, we talked about Rick’s recent assault by a Bethlehem Township cop. Rick & I were filming a traffic stop when Corporal Shepulski exited his vehicle, shoved Rick backwards, & threatened to arrest him for no reason. He was nothing but a big bully. We researched him & turns out he has a long history of abuse/bullying: a drunken high speed chase, threatened to kill his wife, & actually did beat up her boyfriend. We met with the Chief, have filed two complaints on him, and are waiting for the outcome.

Then, we celebrated Brian Sumner’s success against Fresno Police. After months of court dates, reschedules, & even jail time, Brian’s motion to dismiss was granted! This whole saga was a pointless waste of time for him & we’re glad to see this outcome.

Afterward, we announced the exciting news that Cell 411 has been given a 2.5 million dollar investment to improve the app! Cell 411 allows users to live-stream video, create neighborhood-watch groups and organize themselves into decentralized units which allow for easy policing and response to community needs, whatever they may be. We all use it & it’s a great tool for Copblocking. Get the app here.

After our long break, we came back with an update to a story from PINAC about Keith Golden. Keith is better known as Bama Camera & has recently been arrested on felony charges of interrupting emergency services! This was after PINAC ran this story – it indirectly caused a call flood which shut down the police department phones and made them take down their Facebook page due to the influx of negative posts. They decided Keith was to blame! I decided to call the mayor & was treated like garbage. Last I checked, we still have a right to petition and protest. We also have a right to access our elected officials. These people cannot charge someone with crimes because of the amount of calls they received. When did the government get so much power that simply protesting verbally to them allowed them to cage you?

For the next segment, we discussed the militarization of police. This included us talking about a story where students in the Los Angeles School District successfully had military grade police equipment removed from their campuses. Not only were they successful in their endeavors, but they forced the school district to provide them with an itemized list of everything, including M-16 rifles and grenade launchers, returned to the DOD. LAPD even issued an apology to the school district for the use of such equipment! Amazing!

Finally, we ended the show talking about a man in California whom was ticketed for displaying a “fuck trump” sign on his car. He was also told he would continue to receive daily tickets if he did not remove it as it was considered hate speech & explicit language. So now the police are extorting people for displaying support, or disdain, for presidential candidates. Politics are ridiculous!

Tune in  June 15, 2016 for a new episode of Copblock Radio! We air 10pm EST on or at Subscribe to the Youtube channel for alerts when we go live. Download the app to hear our radio feed. As always, remember: film the police!


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