Dad Saves His Son and is Ticketed

A man from New Jersey saved the life of his son but couldn’t save his Jeep from going over a cliff. And as if the day couldn’t get any worse, he was rewarded with two tickets from Union County Police employees for his actions.

Frank Roders took his son to the Rahway River. He parked his car and his impatient son jumped out of the car.

“He hopped out, and I thought that was OK, I was just going to park,” Roders said, but “he just took off, made a beeline for the edge.”

The edge his son made a bee-line for was 35 feet above the river.

In a panic, the concerned father jumped out of his 2006 Jeep and caught his son just in time.

As he did, he turned to see his Jeep topple over the edge and land in the water behind him.

Roders was grateful but wearied when a crane finally was able to pull his car from the river. The police who showed up in response to his call gave him two tickets. The first was a failure to produce a proof of insurance. Apparently his insurance card had washed away in the water. The second ticket was for not using his emergency brake when he parked at the cliff’s ledge.

The police officer who gave him the ticket said, “If you would have taken the five seconds to apply the brake, this never would have happened.”

“I say, ‘Really? And if I did and my boy stepped over the edge and fell instead of the Jeep, then were would I be?’ Roders says, ‘Jail, for child endangerment.'”

Roders plans to fight his tickets in court on May 30th. Hopefully he will get a sympathetic ear.




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