Decentralization of the Police Accountability Report

Keeping with Cop Block’s decentralized theme, we have decided to open up the Police Accountability Report (PAR) to you, the listeners.  If you are aware of a local high profile incident of police brutality, unaccountable official(s), or an interesting activist program, you can now submit an audio clip to be included in the PAR.

There are so many instances of police behaving badly that I’m positive we are missing some of the bigger ones. So, in keeping with the decentralization here on Cop Block, we’re soliciting your contributions.  This will give you the chance to highlight your city and get national attention for incidents that you feel are important.

All entries will be accepted and reviewed, but the production quality and subject will determine if the clip gets used.  Entries should be based on holding officials accountable.  The PAR team still has editorial powers over submissions, but as long as they are in line with the goals of Cop Block, they will be used.

Entries should be no longer than 2 minutes and be of high enough audio quality that they can be played over the radio.  Ideally, entries should be sent via email to podcast[at]copblock[dot]org.  The files should be in either WAV or AIFF format.   If the files you are trying to submit are larger than 4mb, you will need to use these procedures to send the files.


When you see "CopBlock" as the author it means it was submitted via our submission tab - you can share your story too. If you enjoy this content and/or believe "Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights" get yourself some CopBlock Gear from our store or donate just $1/month to the CopBlock Network.