Meet The Latest Troll Attempting To Get Taken Down

By: Bryan Jeffers of SEMO CopBlock

In yet another foolish attempt to take down “Copblock,” a photographer has decided to wage war against this page. He must have missed the memo about Copblock being decentralized.

His actual beef is against a Texas Copblock admin who does not even blog here. Texas Copblock is its own entity that in its description states it has zero affiliation to any other group or page. They have a complete group of people this twit could have attacked and trolled. However, since he decided to target with threats of men with guns forcing us to do something, I feel no regrets in running with this article.

You see, Mr. Masker, most of the bloggers here believe in freedom. I, myself, am an Anarchist/Libertarian that finds the claims of intellectual property to be gripes from little people afraid someone will take an idea and make it better. Even with that opinion, I value working together above all else; so had you acted like an adult from the beginning, instead of making threats, this could have been solved with a discussion. Instead, you chose to try to intimidate a group that stands toe-to-toe with the worst-of-the-worst every day. Nice try.

In keeping with the decentralization of Copblock, this post was submitted by Bryan Jeffers From SEMO Copblock in conjunction with Joseph from Texas Copblock to the submit page. Submit your story involving police abuse HERE.

Stephen Andrew Masker is the Owner of Stephen Masker Photography. He recently had a bad review from Joseph, a Texas CopBlock member. Stephen then went ahead and threatened legal action, and also claimed that he’s going to file DMCA takedown notices to the webhost of

The original review has been removed by Mr. Masker, but we were able to recover it. As you can see in the review, that it is not an attack on his business, but simply an honest opinion, and ironically one that Mr. Masker himself showed to be quite true when he continued his harassment of the original reviewer, and his attempted misuse of federal law to do so.

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A DMCA takedown notice is when a person alleges that someone has used their copyrighted images or other media in a manner not allowed by law.

In US copyright law the doctrine that brief excerpts of copyrighted material may, under certain circumstances, be quoted verbatim for purposes such as criticism, news reporting, teaching, and research, without the need for permission from or payment to the copyright holder.”

I have never used anything of this guy’s and neither has anyone at to the best of my knowledge. And any images we utilize are used in full compliance with the law.  

If you’d like to let Stephen know how you feel about his false DMCA takedown notice, or would like to write your own review, here is the contact info to do so.

Google review:
Phone number: (972) 372-4933

By: Bryan Jeffers, SEMO Cop Block

There are Copblock groups all around the country. Over 200 of them. However, there are only about 20 bloggers here on the main site. Make no mistake – I take personal offense when a group is attacked. However, had you kept your attack to the right people, this article would have never been written. The mention you will get this week on Copblock Radio likely would not happen either. I hope you learned your lesson not to let your mouth write checks that your ass can’t cash. Now read the bio below to make sure you attack the right group next time.


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