Cops Don’t Make Me Feel Safe

This well written, eloquent wake-up call was submitted to us by a friend over at We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

It has been said – and I agree – that the typical person (i.e., the person just trying to get through the day, do their thing) has more to fear from a cop than a (non-official, non-uniformed) criminal.

Harsh? No, a reality check.

I’m in my mid-40s and – so far – have not been robbed at gunpoint by an ordinary criminal. But I have been robbed at gunpoint literally dozens of times by cops, who have a license to rob me. Cumulatively, the total I’ve had to “stand and deliver” – in the felicitous phrase of the appropriately named highway robber of yore – comes to thousands of dollars, over the past twenty-something years. It’s dressed up, of course – in order to make the cop feel better about himself and what he’s doing (he’s just keeping us safe, etc.) and also to douse the rage of his victim by getting him to accept what’s done to him as something other than it is.

That being, a robbery at gunpoint.

After all, I have committed no crime, properly speaking. I have caused no harm to anyone. Yet I am molested by a guy in a uniform – with a gun on his hip – because he has noticed I am not wearing a seat belt, or because my vehicle does not have the requisite tax stamps upon it, or because my velocity is greater than the velocity posted on a sign. It may not be any of these things. It may be simply that I happen to be on a given road at a given time. I – and all the others who happen to be on that road at that time – are forcibly compelled to interrupt our journey, roll down our windows and submit to a roadside inspection-interrogation, with the implicit threat of lethal violence if we fail in the slightest way to Submit and Obey.

It does not make me feel safe. Does it make you feel safe?

I do not especially fear louty-looking thugs approaching me on the street. I’m not a tough guy, but I am a bigger than average guy – and I usually carry a big gun. If the thugs come at me, I am reassured by my physical capacity to resist and defend myself – and also by the fact that the law is still (for the moment) on my side, should I be forced to defend myself. I know I have a shot, at least. It may not be a fair fight (what fight is?) but at least I can fight.

I cannot fight Officer 82nd Airborne. Which is why he scares me a lot more than a crew of street toughs. Not because he’s bigger or tougher than me. But because it does not matter how big and tough he is – or how big and tough I am. He has the entire weight of the state behind him. Legions of toughs – and the full apparatus of the system – are on his team. The toughest, roughest Navy SEAL or Hell’s Angel stands as much chance against this juggernaut as Pee Wee Herman does of becoming the next UFC heavyweight champ.

Which is why I am just as fearful of a bloated, out-of-shape lout in uniform as I am of Officer 82nd Airborne. Or even a female a third my size… if she’s in uniform. Ordinarily, I’d just walk away from such people. And if they jumped me, I’d stand more than a fair chance of getting them off me. But because I am legally powerless to defend myself against them, no matter what I’ve done (or not done) and no matter what they do to me, no matter how outrageous, I feel anything but safe in their vicinity. To do so much as raise one’s hand to ward off a blow – to try to retreat and get away from an assault by a cop – is the equivalent of the opening bell at a boxing match. Only you’re not allowed to box back – and there’s no retreating to your corner. And there is no ref standing ready to end the fight.

This does not make me feel very safe. To know that I am potentially at the mercy of another person – a random stranger – merely because that person is wearing a uniform and has been anointed a “law enforcement” officer. To know that such a person has the legal authority to screw with me, for any or no reason at all – at any moment. It is just a matter of our paths crossing – and the stranger in uniform deciding it’s my turn.

This is the reality. “Law” no longer binds “enforcement.” Or rather, the law is no longer a restraint on the enforcers. It is their carte blanche – their pretext for doing anything to anyone – and maybe later, there might be some partial accountability if all the Ts were not appropriately crossed.

In court, the cop’s statements will be taken as gospel truth simply by dint of the cop’s having said them. My statements, on the other hand, will be treated as “hearsay” – if the judge allows them to be heard at all – and dismissed out of hand absent your $lawyer$ managing to get incontrovertible video evidence into play. If there’s video evidence. If the evidence is admitted. If you had the money to hire a $lawyer$ to operate the levers of the system – levers you and I and other Mundanes are not allowed to touch.

I have come to understand – a little bit, at least, what it must have felt like to be a “citizen” of the Soviet Union. And I can remember when much of what the government did was based on the idea that we didn’t want to end up like citizens of the Soviet Union: “compelling state interest” or “security” (and “safety” – that is, the safety of the enforcers and the system ) trumping all; nonexistent personal liberties; having to Submit and Obey at every turn to petty (and not-so-petty) authority figures in funny costumes.

It is important to be safe and secure. But when the state may do almost anything to anyone, at anytime, for any reason or no reason at all, then no one is safe.

I hope enough of us figure this out in time.



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  • wolf

    Maybe if you didn’t intentionally break the law your run ins with the PD wouldn’t happen. Idiot!!!

  • Having been arrested simply for asking an officer to remove a tresspasser from my property I know this to be too true. And of course, he left the tresspasser on the property.

  • James

    Very well written. I agree with most of what u said.

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  • Marine andy

    I couldn’t agree more, very well put. I avoid cops at all costs and teach my children to do the same. Last week the dare program started at my daughters school and I informed the m that she would be pulled out during these programs.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    Lew Rockwell is an excellent site for such articles. I disagree with the general thought that we have no need for a military espoused on the site, but I don’t have to agree with everything to get useful information and philosophical confirmation.

    I recommended it to everyone, but copsuckers will be offended.

  • When this economy turns around in a few years, I plan on opening a restaurant. One of the in-house rules I will implement is that no badge-carrying employees in uniform will be allowed in my establishment. I feel that the overall public attitude of the “officials” is so bad, that the visual presence of them will be bad for my business. I’m sure that there are those in their profession or sympathetic to their positions that will object. They will claim that I am committing some violation of some law. They will be wrong. Yes, I will admit that I will be committing a bit of prejudice, however, it will be my business and as such I will run it as I see fit within the rules and laws.

  • Jim

    I’ve read LR for years and must have missed those articles on no need for a military. Certainly don’t need the globe spanning interventionist monster that exists today, you may very well agree. They certainly don’t protect my freedoms – quite the contrary – just as much as cops don’t keep me safe.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    I have been trying to find the specific article. One of the points was that with a militia system and the number of privately held guns there is no need for a professional military. Those alone could secure the US from invasion. I would respectfully disagree.

    I read Lew Rockwell often. Laurence Vance never fails to annoy me, in that he seems to recognize the the United States is a defacto Empire, but never really has any good ideas about reversing the trend.

    I recognize I am a Centurion of an Imperial Legion. I have been stationed or deployed to 5 different foreign nations in 20 years. With the Legion in Germania or the Persian Empire, it is what a Legion does. Return us to the Republic and send a lot of us to repair the aqueducts if that is what you want. We, the Legionaires are all for it. But do not try to make believe we are not an Empire, with an imperial military.

    And before Team Blue jumps on this as some sort of vindication of their evil and brutality, Empires have two different standards. Citizens of the Empire have the rights and protections of citizens. Remember Paul having the right to petetion the Emperor as a Roman Citizen. Those outside the empire have no such protections, though I dare say that our policies in Iraq and Afghanistan are considerably more merciful than those of Alexander or Marcus Arellius. Our modern cops are little better than the Praetorian Guard, they just do their killing with a less personal touch.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    And if they cut the military by 1/2 or 2/3 tomorrow, I would just take my medical training elsewhere. I still like the Army life, with all of its flaws. But I stay of my own free will. I still think with my less than orthodox views on authority I can affect positive change from the inside. The officer corps has a small community of free thinkers, and I count myself among them.

    Again, any are free to disagree. I am not a poster on copblock because I agree with them on everything. I am a poster because I have been party to Team Blue’s dishonorable and disgraceful treatment and wish them a thousandfold return on their evil.

  • Smoking357

    The Three Truths

    1. Police are a standing army whose enemy is the people.

    2. Police are the greatest threat America has ever faced.

    3. America would be better off without the police.

  • @ Lakewood 4.
    Your posts are touching on my research for a book that I am planning to write. You are correct, if the mil. is cut by a considerable %, we citizens could fall back on the constitution and form the local militias to form the backbone of the ground forces for this country. I have run some #s and conclude that we could have close to a 50 mil. man/woman army if things got that bad. If it were formed intelligently, and proficiently, we would only need the Air Force, the Navy & Marines, and the technical elements of the Army (infantry, helicopter forces, air defense, tactical missles). In fact, I am coming to the conclusion that my militia forces would be better equipped than the regular army forces of today, and outfitted for a fraction of the cost. LOL.

  • We need to “fall back on the Militia forces” now.


  • Ed

    “History has shown that whenever there is a guerrilla war the guerrillas always win.” JFK. In other words, the American people will prevail. The American people are starting to hate the Police. The Egyptians got revenge on their police force after years of abuse. They set one cop on fire.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell, VERY good post but, remember, by being In the Military you are supporting a government of criminals.

    And I hope your not one of those fools who say; “I’m fighting for our freedom and safety!” The wars of America have Never been about that.
    So many want to say “Truth and Honor!!

    But so far I haven’t been able to get any of you free thinkers to admit the truth of war. When I found out the truth, I left the Military. And I was a gung ho son of a bitch.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    Paying taxes supports said government. Sending kids to public school supports said government. I still believe I do more good in than out. If we desire to return to a true republic again, I am all for it. But as it stands, we do not have one. And with a default empire, we need a Legion. I will retire tomorrow afternoon if the good citizens of the Empire decide to replace it with the former Republic and decide a huge portion of the Legion need to go home. Put me out of a job. It would be worth it to be able to retire in good conscience. But until then, I have to hold a space someone who does not have their eyes open might take accidentally.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    Besides, at my war crimes trial, as a medical officer they might need to dig deep to convict me. I did keep Team Green healthy, but every team gets to have medics on the battlefield.

    I have been a convoy commander quite a few times, however. I suppose they could get me on that. But I can guarantee if they interviewd my troops they would inadvertently help me by their condemnation of me being too strict in my interpretation of the rules of engagement. I never got mad enough at the Iraqis to want them dead unless they were going to kill me otherwise, and only if targets were identified.

    I prefer EVERYONE, not just my team, goes home alive after my shift. That’s why I would make a lousy cop. No bloodlust, especially for pregnant women and dogs.

  • wow

    @ Alvin and Dunham – How well would your militias, with their 30-06’s and 9mm Glocks, hold up to another country’s scud missles??? We need a strong military, not to go blow everyone else up, but to be a huge threat that we can.

    There are so many countries that would love to march into the United States and take it over. If we just said, “our local militias are all that we need to protect us.” We would be at someone elses mercy in a minute.

    That’s what a lot of people posting on here don’t understand. Our system is NOT perfect. However, compared to the majority of this fucked up planet, we’ve got it great!

  • Timbo

    @ The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell, you wrote, “Paying taxes supports said government. Sending kids to public school supports said government.”

    Both of those actions are forced upon to the people by means of aggression though. You can’t really say one supports the government because the government forces them to pay taxes or else. The same goes for sending kids to school. For both of those, if you don’t do it, you can and possibly will be locked up. Neither of those terms I agreed to, same goes for the terms constitution. But, seeing as how this is a republic, I personally do not have a say in those matters. :^(

    How do you figure the USA isn’t a true republic?

  • @wow
    But, according to the left, our military is filled with nothing more than near idiots who are there only because they had no better prospects in the private sector of the economy. The left has portrayed the volunteer Army as a beastial, raping, self drugged, immoral force that can barely be controled. The media has portrayed every one of our military’s foes as being on par with our forces with far less. How can you ask that question of our citizen/soldiers when a good portion of this country’s population claims that the current make-up doesn’t work?

  • Chris Mallory

    Tell us Wow, who exactly has the navy to send troops over here to “march in and just take us over”? Which nation has the number of troops it would take to control an area as large as the US, especially with a hostile population armed with 30.06 rifles and Glocks? Do you really think our large standing army protects us from missile attacks? Our missile forces do that, MAD works.

    The Swiss seem to have gotten along just fine with their local militias. Do you see Mexico and Canada as bigger threats than Germany would have been to the Swiss?

  • @wow, follow-up.
    Do some research. Look into what the returning troops from Irag & Afganistan are saying. To a man, they all want the larger calibered rifles from the WW2 time period. They want larger bullets and longer ranges. The weapons we currently carry were developed for a different conflict, and for different theaters. A lot of the returning troops would have rather had the .30-06s to fight the taliban with. And, yes, they wanted the .45 cal. handguns too. I think you suffer from the “big brother” disease that plagues so much of America today. You sell the people short. We are much more capable than we allow ourselves to be.

  • certain

    I am as avid a supporter of personal liberty as anyone commenting on this site. But saying that America would be better off with no police is one of the most idiotic things I have ever heard. Do we need a different type of policing, with an order of magnitude increase in accountability? Absolutely. But to say we don’t need police? On this site, we constantly point out the criminal and harmful things police do, often for no other reason than they can. Do any of you think this type of behavior is limited to police? Because you’d be seriously wrong, if that’s what you think. I do think the police would be much more effective structured as “protectors of rights”, in which they would be powerless to take any action, unless they had a specific person whose rights had been infringed upon. The laws this nation is built upon should be firmly in tune with the concept of personal liberty with personal responsibility.

  • @Alvin: I would feel comfortable and safe in your restaurant without the blue light gang.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    The republic ended with the rise of the internal security state and the Imperial presidency.

    Internal security state
    – 4th amendment is meaningless. Cops can do whatever they want, and make up excuses later. A cop can take your very blood from your body at a checkpoint. Nobody is secure in their persons or papers when the violator can say “oops” and suffer no penalty.

    – 5th amendment is meaningless. The contents of your veins or bladder can be used, taken against your will, in a court of “law”. You can be held indefinitely until you give the powers that be your computer passwords.

    – A protected class can kill you with impunity. How many shootings by cops are declared unjustified? How many unjustified shootings are punished?

    We lost any remaining domestic freedoms a decade ago. Now to the cops you are just a perp they haven’t caught yet.

    Imperial Presidency
    Starting with Nixon, who I personally liked and found his post presidency writings brilliant and insightful. Congress lost the ability to declare war, or even be consulted (Libya, anyone?). Congress is a roadblock for the executive branch to overcome. The Supreme Court is subject to whims of whatever power rules the executive and controls the majority in the Senate. Court rulings that a local government can take whatever the hell they want through eminent domain ended private property rights. Checkpoints have ended free travel. The war on drugs has ended privacy rights, right of self defense or the presumption of innocence. I could go on for days.

    Bottom line, the republic died from neglect. The Empire needs to start acting more like one, and respect the rights of the citizens as citizens of an empire. If you strip us of our rights of choice in how we are ruled, you owe us the right to be left alone by the enforcers of the state. Otherwise we reserve the right to turn the empire into a charnel house, like the Roman civil wars did.

  • wow

    @ Mallory – Two come to mind immediately China and Russia. With no military and only militias, I can also see several countries joining forces – Russia, Korea, Iran, China, etc… America has friends only because they respect us for the damage we can do.
    I agree with you as far as MAD is concerned, but who are our “missle forces”??? Oh, that’s right, our military!!!!

    @ Alvin – I wasn’t having a political discussion about the left or the right. Nor was I using just 30-06’s and 9mm Glock’s specifically. A public militia wouldn’t have any tactics, they wouldn’t have any leadership, they wouldn’t have an overall plan or goals. Like a lot of people on this site, they would base all of their actions from their point of view, not knowing that the militia, one town over, was doing something completely different. As far as weapons, the 30-06 is a great rifle, however I could easily over power someone with their hunting rifle with my AR-15. As far as talking to guys coming back from the middle east? I work with several of them, most who were front line guys with some horrific stories, and not one of them ever complained about the weapons they had!

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell


    Your AR-15 has an effective range of about 200 meters, give or take. If anyone chooses to go toe to toe with you and your cop pals, it is a big mistake. My mosin-nagant can reach out and touch you at twice that range. Why make yourself a target? One shot from maximum range, unass the area, live to fire another shot from maximum range tomorrow.

    The insurgent does not need to win, only live to fight again tomorrow.

  • Centurion

    @ Alvin just a history for ya Our home owners,farmers,even some southern slaves formed a Militia and kicked a huge occupying forces ass while we were out manned and out gunned. Tenacity and attrition wins wars not the biggest gun or if you use an M24 verse a BMG Barret. I was in Iraq and the Stan. When Obama pulls us out of the Stan the Taliban won you know why, because they outlasted us.The British used to own and govern us and we whooped their ass back across the Atlantic. Remember Militia is the public and the power belongs to them .

  • @ Centurion
    Examples abound from all around the world. Vietnamese, Koreans, Ukrainians. It is all about attitude and devotion to a cause that sees a force through to victory.
    @ wow
    A tiny taste of how a militia would function can be had in reading just these posts. You think that every town would have a different leadership, tactics, weaponry, and level of espirit. I differ. I think that the American patriot is pretty much the same coast to coast. When one discovers what works, it will be shared and repeated everywhere. You think too little of people to think that they will only be able to function with the hand of a gov’t over them. Read. Study. Meditate on how things actually function. You will discover that we are capable of much more than you realize.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    For a militia system to work, we would have to repeal most gun laws. If the right to keep and bear arms were actually respected, this would mean and entire class of weapons would be open to anyone in the unorganized militia (basically everyone).

    It comes down to the division between “arms” and “ordinance”. Arms are anything a light infantry troop would be expected to have available. This would include:

    Light machineguns / squad automatic weapons
    Portable grenade launchers and all manner of launched and thrown grenades
    Man portable light antitank weapons

    Available freely. I personally like the idea. As I would have no incentive to shoot up the street with a SAW I would be pretty safe owning one. And as an upside, there would be a huge disincentive to no knock raids.

  • Anotherandomvoice

    @ wow

    Another thing about militias, a lot of them would be lead or advised by former military, so there’s already a similar mind set in play.

    Also, I think their goals would be pretty simple: repel invaders, protect their communities, and retake the country with extreme prejudice.

    add to that so many amazing technologies and methods such as CB and shortwave radios, land lines, telegraph lines(a few still exist), horse/motorcycle/bird couriers, flags, reflective surfaces and even smoke signals and I think communication will be covered.

    Not the same as it is now, but co-ordination will still be possible.
    Humans managed to co-ordinate massive armies, sometimes separated by oceans, for hundreds of years.

    Working with military doesn’t mean you have a grasp of strategy, tactics, or logistics as you have clearly demonstrated to the internet.

  • @wow, another country’s scud missiles ?, yea right.

  • wow

    @ Lakewood – you forgot to mention that my AR-15 loses accuracy at about 150 yards and that the round can be deflected by a piece of sagebush. However, if you think I’m going to stand at one side of a field and you on the other and let you shoot at me, you are bat shit crazy. Unlike your mosin-nagant, I can fire accuratley on the move. After you attempt a shot at a moving target and miss, by the time you chamber another round, I will have closed another 20 yards on you WHILE FIRING!!! Good luck champ!!!

    As far as militias, I would stand shoulder to shoulder with you in defending my country. The problem is that this is not the revolutionary war, an invading force is not coming here on a ship that takes weeks to get here, we are not going to stand in fields and line up against each other and start firing. They can be here in hours. If you think sheer numbers are going to help, China WAY out weighs us in this!!! However, troops wont be the first over here. How well are militias going to handle nukes??? They’ve got them. How well are militias going to handle ied’s??? They’ve got them. How about suicide bombers, terrorist attacks, etc, etc, etc…. There would be complete pandemonium without any leadership.

    As far as communication, that’s not the problem, just pick up the cell phone. The problem, as seen on these comments, is trying to get two entities, much less two people, to agree on a course of action. With the military, there is leadership, purpose, strategy, and communication. To think militias could protect us as well as our current military, is ridiculous!!!

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell


    If someone wants to remove a cop from this earth, there is no need for him to make his intentions known. Find a place, say a coffee shop where they do their paperwork, well out of arms reach of said AR-15. My namesake showed us how pathetically easy that is.

    The best way to not get killed by the citizenry is to avoid doing things that make the citizenry want to kill you.

    And a final point. If you ran into me anywhere, I would be the last person you would suspect of being any kind of threat. My ability to remain innocuous, hidden in plain sight, is pretty hard to counter.

  • wow

    We were discussing militias and their ability to protect this country without the military. Not a “how to” on how to kill cops.

    From here on out, you will be known to me as the Lakewood Ninja.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    Just pointing out that your gun bunny bullshit and steroids require someone to present themselves to you as a target. All that is irrelevant if you are distracted by your latte, or beer, or toddler.

    Cops live somewhere. I know which are the cop houses in my neighborhood. They are the ones with a take home cruiser parked out front.

    Be a peaceable cop and we’ll be peaceable citizens. Otherwise it will get very nerve wracking for those who mark themselves so prominently as to be impossible to “miss”.

  • Common Sense

    ha ha ha poor fakewood, all talk and no bite..

    “oh someday, its gonna be happen!!” — yeah yeah, whatever dipshit.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    Nicolae Ceaușescu was telling himself that in December of 1989.

    They could never do such a thing. Up until he died in a ditch.

    Keep saying that to yourself, if it helps you sleep at night.

  • Miller

    At this very moment in the United States, this has become the norm …. Rogue law enforcement officers are involved in criminal activity. In addition, these individuals are involved in violating citizen’s civil and constitutional rights and they have more latitude to cause death, physical, financial and emotional harm to U.S. citizens than any other organization. Their actions are overlooked and encouraged by their departments, making those departments culpable in the crimes. Nobody is above the law. Fight back and hold the guilty accountable. — America’s #1 Terrorist Threat is Corrupt Law Enforcement

  • Common Sense

    Had Nicolae continued to allow abortions, he’d still in be in power then.

    And you cannot compare the US with Romania.

  • Charles Ray

    I find this article quite dramatic. I’d like to think most cops aren’t asshole and do their jobs, which is protecting citizens.