Wauwatosa Police Officer Kills Man for Being Suspicious

In the early hours of Thursday morning police were called to Madison Park in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin to investigate a ‘suspicious’ vehicle parked in the lot. As the officer approached the vehicle he noticed a gun and, fearing for his life, fired upon 25 year old Jay Anderson who died a short time later.

I checked multiple sources for this story and not a single one of them indicated that Anderson had threatened the officer with the gun, and none even specify that he was even holding it at the time that the officer fired. So the question is, did the officer fire upon a man merely for possessing a weapon, a right protected by the second amendment?

If Anderson had brandished the weapon and pointed it at the officer, why do reports not mention that? Did the officer, who has not yet been named and is by now on paid vacation, merely get jumpy after seeing a gun and then immediately decide to kill a fellow human being?

We will probably never know. Milwaukee Police have been called in to investigate, but as in most of these situations, the evidence will never be made public and the narrative of the killer cop will prevail.

As if it is not enough to learn that a family member has been gunned down by a police officer who probably let his nerves get the best of him, now they have to hear Wauwatosa Police Chief Barry Weber try to make the killer out to be the victim in the local news.

“It’s probably one of the most stressful situations an officer will find his or herself in, but we’ll get through it and we’ll make sure everything is done according to the law.”

Yeah, I guess killing someone can be pretty stressful. But not as stressful as being killed or losing a loved one. Why do police continue to cover up their incompetence by insisting that they are the victims in the crimes they commit? Shooting after shooting by police turns up statements just like this and people are starting to get tired of hearing about the struggles of the badged thugs who kill indiscriminately and on the thinnest of pretenses.

And why does the mainstream media keep reporting these morally reprehensible statements as though they are valid observations, while failing time and again to give the narratives of victims and families of police incompetence and violence?

Several sources for this story that make no mention of Anderson threatening the officer with the gun:

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