Killer Cop Adam Torres Gets Time Served for Murder of John Geer

A Fairfax County judge accepted a plea deal for Adam Torres today, meaning the killer cop will be released from jail on June 29th, after serving only 10 months for the murder of unarmed John Geer on August 29, 2013.

Torres, a former officer with the Fairfax County Police Department, shot and killed John Geer without provocation as Geer stood with his empty hands up above his head in the doorway of his own home. Police had been called to the house by Geer’s girlfriend, who had reported he was throwing her belongings out on the front lawn after she had announced she was leaving him and taking their teenage daughters with her.

When Torres was arrested last August and held without bond pending his second degree murder trial for killing John Geer, many speculated that this would likely be the only jail time Torres would serve for his crime.  A sweetheart deal offered by Commonwealth’s Attorney Ray Morrogh ensured that would be the case.

The deal was announced in court on April 18, the day that Torres’ murder trial was to begin. Instead, Morrogh revealed that he had offered a plea deal for a downgraded charge of manslaughter and a 12-month sentence. Fairfax Circuit Court Judge Robert J. Smith seemed displeased at the light sentence and reminded Morrogh that it was his decision whether to accept the plea deal or not. He ordered a presentencing report to be completed and scheduled a sentencing hearing for July.

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Morrogh hastily pushed for a June hearing date. That is most likely because Virginia law only requires inmates to serve 87% of their sentences, which, according to the Washington Post, would make Torres eligible for release on June 29, having served only 10 months of the 12-month sentence. Heaven forbid that Torres spend a day more in the county clink than the absolute minimum.

At the sentencing hearing today, Anne Geer, John Geer’s mother gave a statement urging a harsher punishment from the judge, saying it was “insulting to suggest that the crime of murder is only worth one year in a protected jail cell…John will spend forever in his grave. This is not justice for John.” She also mentioned how Torres intentionally executed her son, saying on multiple occasions that he didn’t regret killing Geer. Read Mrs. Geer’s full statement at the end of this article.

Instead of whining about missing your kid's birth, how about you just obey the law?
Instead of whining about missing your kid’s birth, how about you just obey the law?  Can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

After the hearing, Torres’ wife, Danyal, whose tumultuous and openly unraveling relationship with Torres was reported to have played a significant negative impact on Torres’ state of mind the day he murdered John Geer, told reporters, “I love my husband. And he missed the birth of his son.” Like a typical (now-) loyal Blue Lives Matter spouse, she sidesteps assigning her cop husband responsibility for the effects of his own criminal actions, and ignores entirely the fact that his victim was robbed of decades of experiencing milestones with his own family.

Mrs. Torres’ self-centered and insensitive comments show that neither she nor her husband possess the grace or deserve the mercy shown to them by Geer’s orphaned daughters, who wrote an open letter advocating leniency for their father’s murder:

It would be easier to give in to our personal feelings and cry out for Torres to be further punished; we are a society of laws, and there can be no doubt that we are entitled to use this trial as an outlet for our pain, to express our fury that our father was taken from us.  However, we are called and reminded by that pain to avoid inflicting the same upon other children just to satisfy our emotions. It is rare that the easy choice is the right choice, and while we’ve lost our father, we must strive for both justice and mercy. Where Torres failed to show prudence and mercy, we will show him and his family both.

Of course, criminal sentences are not imposed solely to grant retribution to a victim’s family, but also to serve as a deterrent to others who would commit similar crimes. The paltry ten months Torres has spent in the county jail fails on both counts.

This July 4th, Adam Torres will be at home with his family, happily celebrating his independence from the kind of accountability experienced by ordinary citizens who don’t enjoy blue privilege.

Statement from Anne Geer
The statement from John Geer’s mother


Torres was released from jail on June 29, 2016.