Multiple Collier County (FL) Sheriff’s Deputies Beat And Tazer Man During Arrest

The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network by Andrew Sheets of Charlotte County, Fl. CopWatch, via the Submissions Page. The post consists of a video of a man named Robert Harris being arrested, along with a very short description of where the video came from.

The first video is comprised of what appears to be two separate dashcam videos. Harris is initially not in view of the camera and the first portion contains only audio of the interaction between the officers and him.

The second portion of the video is dashcam footage from a different police vehicle, which shows multiple officers beating and tazing Harris. Additionally, at one point a K-9 officer arrives and begins telling the other officers to get off of his legs with the apparent intention of having the dog bite Harris.

The second and third videos embedded below consist of those same two videos split into individual videos.

Based on the conversation within the first video, it appears Harris was stopped on suspicion of trespassing because he had come out of a storage area after dark. The officer speaking to him at that time states that there have been robberies there.

Meanwhile, Harris maintains that he had been working for someone within the storage area.

Date of Incident: April 1, 2016
Department Involved: Collier County (FL) Sheriff’s Office
Facebook Page: Collier County Sheriff
Twitter Profile: @CollierSheriff
YouTube Channel: Collier County Sheriff
Department Phone No.: (239) 252-9250
Department Address: 1195 County Rd 858, Naples, FL 34120

“They beat this guy just because he stood up for his rights. I received this video from the victim himself, who is in the process of suing the Collier County Sheriff’s Office. His name is Robert Harris and his personal YouTube channel is located here:

– Andrew Sheets


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