A Woman Scorned – The Making of A Suicide & Sex Scandal In Oakland

In a new interview Celeste Guap, the young woman at the center of the Oakland PD sex scandal which has grown to involve over 30 employees of 6 police departments, reveals how it all began and her part in it. The revelations are a damning indictment of the character of Guap herself, as well as a disturbing look at police culture.

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In the interview Celeste reveals that the fiasco began after a night of drunken texts and phone conversations. When she thought that Officer O’Brien was ignoring her, she became outraged and began threatening to reveal her relationship with him and several other officers, which she ended up doing despite O’Briens attempts to placate her. Shortly after she did so, O’Brien killed himself, and the scandal that we have been reporting on began.

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“I didn’t want none of this to come out or happen. I feel bad, I feel guilty because, I mean, it was adult consensual fun.”

It becomes more difficult not to view Guap as an immature, conniving and manipulative person. You mix that with the entitlement, machismo and vanity of the entire Bay area region of police and you have a recipe for disaster. That catastrophe has already taken at least two lives, several careers and the already troubled reputation of the Oakland Police Department.

While all of the parties bear responsibility for this mess, it should be understood that another factor here was hero worship. Not only does it bolster the flawed attitudes of the police who committed these unethical acts, it creates a form of cop fetishism that is happening all around the country. From my experience in small towns in the midwest, I would wager that it is pretty likely there are a lot of young women fetishizing police, and several other departments passing these young women around like sexual objects. Which is pretty much behavior that you would observe in any sort of gang, let alone one that has nationalism-canonized privilege and status.


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