NYPD Used Helicopters and K-9’s to Catch 16 Year Old Who Skipped $2.75 Subway Fare

The NYPD took a little time off recently from trying to avoid getting swept up in the city-wide corruption and bribery probe that has prompted many high-ranking New York cops to retire early.

Instead they kept themselves busy wasting thousands of  dollars to conduct an “all night manhunt” for a teenager accused of skipping out on paying the fare for the subway, which costs less than three dollars.

BTW, 16 year old Rhamar Perkins eventually turned himself in at a precinct police station near where his daring turnstile leap had ignited the “Fugitive” style, manhunt.

Which, of course, means that the helicopters and dogs that sprang into action around the city in response were literally a complete waste.

Via the Raw Story:

New York police launched an overnight aerial manhunt Monday night (June 20th) in search of a boy who skipped paying $2.75 to ride the subway, the New York Daily News reports.

But even after police brought helicopters and scent dogs out to search for him, the 16-year-old ended up turning himself in a few hours later, according to the Daily News. He’s been charged with escape and theft of services.

Additional details, via the New York Daily News:

He made a run for it about 9:45 p.m. Monday after he was caught jumping a turnstile at the Rockaway Ave. station in Brownsville and brought to the NYPD’s Transit District 32 headquarters for processing, cops said.

About four and a half hours later, he surrendered at the 75th precinct stationhouse in East New York — four miles east of his escape.

Perkins escaped while being processed by a veteran community affairs officer and her rookie partner, sources said. When the veteran stepped away to do paperwork, she asked her partner to keep an eye on Perkins, who managed to slip out the back door.

Apparently, the New York police have been distracted with all the bribery going on and a “string of prisoner escapes” has embarassed the NYPD lately. That’s prompted Commissioner Bill Bratton to threaten to “severely discipline” cops who allow prisoners to escape. So they just ain’t playing no games anymore. If you skip out on a train fare, it’s gonna be the NYPD that let the dogs (and helicopters and possibly dogs in helicopters) out.


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