Man Shot by Baton Rouge Police Officers Caught on Video (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

The video above was submitted to via the submission tab with the following text:

Details fuzzy. People at convenient store, inside car, filmed while they saw Police officers tackle the man and then pin him to the ground, screaming at him. He was in no way a threat at this point.

An officer can be seen pulling his gun and saying “Don’t fuck with me”. The man remains pinned to the ground motionless. Suddenly the policeman (or policemen, as there were 2) can be seen opening fire on the subdued man on the ground. Multiple gunshots.

I quickly searched for more information on the story and came across Carlos Miller’s post at Photography’s Not A Crime, who states:

Alton Sterling, 37, who had been selling CDs in front of a store, died from multiple gunshot wounds.

Baton Rouge police responded to the store after an anonymous caller said Sterling had pointed a gun at other people, ordering them to leave the area.

The 48-second video, which was recorded by a witness inside a car, shows two cops struggling with Sterling before one of them takes him down to the ground and both of them end up on top of him.

“He’s got a gun!” a cop yells. “You fucking move, I swear to God.”

Then one cop is seen pulling his gun out of his holster and firing twice.

The camera then turns away as the witnesses are in shock over what they just saw.

“They shot him?” a man from inside the car asks.

“Yes,” a woman replies.

Oh, my fucking Jesus,” he says.

Baton Rouge police said there is also surveillance video from the store that captured the incident, but that has not been released yet. The incident has sparked protests in the area.

While it seems Sterling did have a gun on him, it’s clear that in the video he had his hand raised in the air. It also mentions that it was pulled from his pocket after the shooting bringing to question the actuality of the threat. Which is a common problem with officer’s today, they all too easily ‘fear for their lives’ yet are allegedly so brave.

Of course we wouldn’t have to speculate if the police would be more transparent when they kill people. Like showing us the security footage instead of making us wait.

More updates as this story develops.



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