Kyle Henning – Jackson (WI) Police Officer Featured on CopBlock in 2010 – Kills Man on Duty

There are a few officers I’ve had encounters with over the years that I will never forget. “Deputy” Atkins in Mississippi, Tim Peloquin in New Hampshire and Todd M. Dodge in Massachusetts are just a few.

Another is Kyle Henning of the Jackson, Wisconsin police department.

Kyle became a cop around the time I started In fact, he’s one of the first officers I ever recorded (though I have since lost access to that YouTube channel and our first video). That interaction came after Kyle stalked me as I came into town, made contact with me after I parked my car (asking me if I had seen a yellow car) and then proceeded to ask for ID to run my name.

At the time I didn’t have a driver’s license but I wasn’t driving when Kyle had pulled up – though he did see the car in motion for nearly a mile as he tailed me into town. Regardless, using his sneaky and questionable tactics, Kyle gave me a ticket for driving without a license. He was hoping that I was drunk, since it was 3 am, but I wasn’t and he didn’t protect anyone that day, he just harassed me.

At that time I learned to never talk to or approach the police, even if you think it’s harmless.

Shortly after that my friend had told me how she was getting pulled over by Kyle a few times a week because the car she was driving was registered to her brother and his license was suspended as well.  We decided to go out and drive around to see if we could get Kyle to pull her over again so that we could ask a few questions.

By then I had taken CopBlock from a Tumbler page to a real website platform, so the post and video are still intact.

Banner - cell 411Though Kyle didn’t flip out in the video above he was known as an aggressive cop who stalked the roads in and out of town. Frequently checked the TWO bars in town and was a stickler for minor vehicle violations, using them as fishing expeditions for DUI’s and drug possession charges.

While some might say that’s good cop work, I believe Kyle was a ticking timebomb and I reached out to the chief to voice my concerns. Once I did that the police started to harass my friends and family so I backed off for a bit (as I was still a rookie myself then).

I eventually left and have only heard whispers of Kyle’s pathetic form of policing in the small town of just over 6,000 people. Until today that is…..

Sadly, it seems that Kyle is now a member of the “Killer Cop” club. How that came to be is still unknown but according to

Jackson police dispatched officers to a home on Stonewall Drive for a domestic violence-related incident. Officials say Officer Kyle Henning discharged his weapon, striking the armed male suspect.

DCI is continuing to collect evidence and determine the facts of this incident and will turn over investigative reports to the Washington County District Attorney when the investigation wraps up.

Like most officer involved shootings there were no further details released and no mention of whether or not a body camera exist. Of course the man is alleged to have been armed but who knows what the real story is. While we await those details I can tell you from personal experience I wouldn’t want to be in any type of interaction with Kyle while he was wearing a badge.

He most certainly has control issues.

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