Woman Films Scene After Police Shoot Boyfriend For Grabbing Requested ID

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The video was posted on Wednesday night live to Facebook from Lavish Reynolds, the girlfriend of the man shot. The original post says it happened in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, a Twin Cities suburb. There are still very few details surrounding the shooting, so lets summarize what we think we know so far.

  • The man was pulled over for driving with a broken tail light.
  • The woman claims the man was a licensed gun carrier, so he may have been armed.
  • The woman claims that the cop asked her boyfriend to produce his ID and when he reached for his pocket to grab it, the officer fired at him four times.
  • The cop yells at the man that he forced him to shoot him, although he sounds like he is trying to convince himself or the camera.
  • There was a child in the car when the officer fired into it.
  • The woman is placed in the squad car while her boyfriend bleeds.
  • The man never pulled a gun on the cop.

emailbannerAt this time we are unsure if the man is still alive, or what condition he is in. The point blank gunshots appear to have hit his arm, but they may have also penetrated his body in other areas near vital organs. He does not look at all well in the video.

With four shots fired into a car, it is extremely lucky that the woman and her daughter were not harmed. Even though there are still many questions, it seems pretty clear that the cop just got jumpy and nervous and fired before thinking. Nothing new here. What will be new is if the cop gets charged for his pointless violence, and faces the same consequences you or I would.

Stay tuned to CopBlock.org for updates on this story.

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