New Video Shows Delrawn Small Was Shot by Off Duty NYPD Cop Without Provocation

New video has surfaced of a deadly shooting during a road rage incident between an off-duty NYPD cop and another driver, who had approached the officer’s car. This video contradicts previous claims that the driver who was shot, Delrawn Small, had punched Officer Wayne Isaacs prior to being shot.

That previous testimony was provided by the owner of a nearby business and was reportedly based on surveillance video from a camera outside the business. That unnamed witness was quoted by the New York Post as saying:

“The video shows the guy coming out of his fucking car, running up to [the cop’s] car, going in the driver’s-side window and just punching the shit out of this poor cop. Then all of a sudden you see sparks,” he said, adding that the next image is of Small hitting the pavement.

He added that Small “was wailing on [Isaacs’] face, like ‘pow, pow!’ He was looking to knock this guy out, punching and punching. Maybe four punches.

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Apparently, Isaacs had cut Small off in traffic shortly before the shooting. That prompted an ill-fated decision on Small’s part to follow Ofc. Isaacs several blocks and then walk up toward his car. He was then shot within one second of reaching the side of Isaac’s car door and subsequently collapsed dead after walking a short distance away.

It’s not clear at this point if the newly released video is that surveillance tape, which the anonymous witness had promised to turn over to police or if it comes from a different source. However, what is clear is that this video paints a very different picture of the moments before Officer Isaacs shot Small in the head and chest.

Once again via the New York Post:

The footage, captured at the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Bradford Street just after midnight, shows Small, 37, cross two lanes of traffic to reach Isaacs’ car.

He barely has time to look the cop in the eye or even utter a word before Isaacs opens fire, causing him to stagger backward.

He stumbles to the ground, gets up for a moment — and then collapses again for good.

Isaacs, meanwhile, lurches his car forward a few feet before slamming on the brakes and getting out. He appears to tuck the gun into his waistband as he walks over toward Small.

Isaacs looks in the direction of the dying man, pausing for a few moments near his body, before returning to his vehicle.

He is then seen pacing around and talking on the phone. Sources have said he called 911.

Small’s girlfriend Zaquanna Albert, 35, then pulls the man’s car across the street before frantically running toward the scene.

That’s when the footage cuts off.

Whether the businessman was intentionally lying to cover up for Officer Isaacs or he somehow imagined seeing that incredibly detailed account of Small “punching the shit out of the poor cop,” there’s no way whatsoever that the actual video supports anything close to what he stated he had seen on his surveillance footage.


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