Canadian “agents” treatment leaves an American hospitalized, kidnapped & cruelly deported

Though ones rights do not hinge on where they happen to be born, those who seek to control others (men and women with badges) often operate as if that’s not the case, especially when around arbitrary political boundaries (i.e. borders between nation-states). I’ve first-hand encountered this a couple of times (here and here), in one case being told by an employee of the Department of Homeland Security that my 4th Amendment rights “don’t apply here.”

Though we here at Cop Block advocate for an alternative to today’s top-down monopoly-provided provision of “law enforcement” the rise of private companies that cater to this need are in no way representative of what could exist absent the claim of a “legitimate” right to initiate force that still exists. You see, even those so-called “private” companies and their employees are still operating according to perverse incentives, since they operate with the sanction of the largest criminal gang – state agents. The experience Patrick Wright shares below is indicative of the unaccountability that occurs due to this quasi-public/private partnership that capitalizes on the growth of the police state.

Hello CopBlockers,

No one in government or the media will listen and no attorney will dare take on my case(s), so I am now on a massive campaign to publicly expose this sick injustice. I am writing to you to inform you of some tragic events that recently occurred to me immediately before being deported from Canada. The corporations and organizations responsible for my recent injuries, rights violations, and more are largely based out of Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada). Please review in entirety the following condensed version of my true story to properly understand the predicament I have been left in and see if you can assist in helping find a remedy.

Before I continue, let me give you a brief background on what led up to this event. I am an architect (non-affiliated) and custom home carpenter/builder who sought political asylum in Canada due to my outspoken anti-war dissent, anti-corporate corruption, and police and private security corruption investigations (I’m also ex-military), and foreign espionage and other “national security” issues. My research, writing, free-speech, and investigations led to multiple attempts on my life in Florida, resulting in my fleeing to Canada for protection. This is the most recent result:

On August 1st of 2011, I was admitted into the Squamish General Hospital (SGH) emergency room – early evening. I was being transported from Pemberton, BC to Vancouver, BC (due to allegations of a missed immigration hearing) by Genesis Security Group, a private corporation and an agent of Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA). From their website:

Genesis Security provides a range of security services from guard services to mobile security to alarm services to security training. . . We are a fully trained and licensed security company providing security guards dedicated to this neighborhood in support of policing efforts. We will report any suspicious activities to police, assist people in making police reports and support police investigations in any way we can.

I was treated like a terrorist (S.O.P. ?) and placed in handcuffs (in front) and leg shackles, with no shoes. I was placed in a compact metal cage in the back of a dark unmarked high-security van. The driver/guard did not put me in any kind of seat-belt or restraint to keep me from being injured. The driver drove at very high rates of speed, making very hard starts and stops at traffic stop signs and stoplights. My head continuously slammed into the sloped metal ceiling behind my head, leading me to get very light-headed. I started getting dizzy and was leaning forward when the driver slammed on the van brakes at a stop light in Squamish. I went airborne, head-first into a thick metal-plated wall, knocking me unconscious and causing internal/external bruising, severe spinal/back/neck pain, sleeplessness, later memory/speech issues, and more. The driver stopped along side of the road (Sea-to-Sky Hwy. 99, south-bound), got out, and opened the outer van door, but not the locked cage.

The Genesis driver/guard contacted her HQ’s and asked what to do; she was told to transport me to the nearest hospital emergency room. She banged on the cage and repeatedly called out my name – eventually I regained consciousness, observed blood pouring down my right arm from my handcuffs, and felt horrible pain in my spine, neck, rib-cage, and legs. My legs were awkwardly twisted and up in the air due to the shackles and very confined space. I was also a little nauseous, but don’t recall any pain in my head, just numbness and confusion. At first, I thought I had experienced a low blood-sugar state, possibly due to a former pre-diabetic condition. The driver pulled into the emergency lane at SGH and left her van there, blocking the lane. She was told to move the van, but refused until an RCMP officer arrived to “guard” her “prisoner” while she moved the van. She did not want to identify herself or the company she worked for (secrecy?), but the RCMP officer insisted she comply for his report. SGH took my blood-sugar and it was normal, and this was also confirmed later that evening by Vancouver Jail staff.

I was placed in a hospital bed and lay there in pain for several hours in cuffs and shackles, waiting to be seen by a doctor. My wounds were wiped clean and dressed and basic tests taken. Eventually, a female doctor looked me over, asked me a lot of questions, had me perform basic movements while looking for injuries, etc. She had to order the guards to remove my shackles for tests after they refused. The male guard refused to allow me to urinate without watching me, even though I was cuffed and shackled (I declined, risking pain and embarrassment). The doctor left specific instructions with the Genesis Security, ordering them to keep me under careful 24-hour medical observation due to a potentially serious head injury that could result in my death. They also needed to regularly change my wound dressings and consider my special all-natural cancer diet.

The security company (Genesis Security) did not have any medical staff, so their HQ’s informed the driver/guard to transport me to Vancouver Jail, where I could be medically monitored according to doctors orders till morning, when Genesis would pick me up to transport me to their facilities for my hearing. Instead, I was brutally and unlawfully “processed” into Vancouver Jail; first put in a tiny 5’x5′ cold concrete room with 2-3 serious drug users and urine on the floor, unlawfully strip-searched and mocked by deviant and sadistic Vancouver PD personnel, put in a general holding cell with serious drug users/dealers and home burglars until I heard a female clerk inquire as to where I was. She told the guards I was supposed to be “separated”, at which point I was placed inside of a private concrete cell, with a thin pad to lay on – no blanket, no pillow, no medical attention, extremely bright lights shining all night, and a very noisy A/C vent blowing brutally cold air on me. All night, I heard loud banging steel doors, rapping on walls, and loud conversations. Some would call this torture, especially considering my condition and previous treatment. Sometime very early in the morning, a guard threw a brown paper bag of “food” into my cell after I declined his offer for a meal. I had no appetite, especially “prison food”. I have been on a strict all-natural/organic diet for several years to holistically heal myself of cancer and to maintain good health. Shortly after the “food” arrived, the Jail doctor came by and asked if I wanted any Tylenol or Aspirin (I could hear him offer the same to all others in the adjacent cells). I declined his so-called “services”.

Needless to say, I did not sleep that night (nor for 7 full days/nights afterwards, literally, due to head trauma and stress). Soon after the “doctor” left, another Genesis Security driver/guard showed up. Once again, I was cuffed, shackled, and placed in a metal cage in the back of another unmarked van; again, without any seat-belt or type of restraint to prevent injury. Once again, the driver/guard drove recklessly, meandering through downtown Vancouver on the way to Genesis Security’s facilities for my hearing. Again, the driver slammed on the van brakes, sending me airborne. This time, I was not dizzy and managed to throw my knees up to absorb the impact. My knees and legs were cut and bruised and I fell onto the edge of the steel bench, hurting my ribcage and back again. I screamed in pain and yelled some obscenities at the driver, stating this was the SECOND time they did this to me! I was furious and in horrible pain. The guard jokingly said something like “My bad, dude, it was a yellow light.” He did make a call to his HQ and told them I was injured again, but failed to get me medical attention. No incident report was made as far as I could tell.

Once at Genesis Security’s facilities, I was placed in a wheel chair, taken inside, searched again, photographed and fingerprinted twice (by a private security corporation). I was placed inside of a small holding cell with 4-5 other detainees (all Hispanic, nice guys). I was denied access to the U.S. Consulate General, after 3 requests. I was light-headed, nearly unconscious, in horrible pain, and curled up in a corner on the concrete floor like a battered dog. A female guard repeatedly demanded that I eat a McDonald’s meal, but I refused. Hours later, I was placed in a guarded “interrogation” room where I met with a stern looking female Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) agent and a bald male with a goatee who did not speak. After being grilled, denied access to the Consulate, denied medical attention, and denied access to legal counsel, I agreed (under duress) to sign an agreement with CBSA to call in twice weekly. I was released onto the infamous Hastings Street in downtown Vancouver, on a hot summer day, in my current state of horrible pain, sleeplessness, hunger, and the stench of urine from the Vancouver Jail on my clothes. I had to make my own way back home (3+ hour bus ride) at my own expense, after waiting till around 7pm for the next Greyhound bus to Pemberton.

Things got much worse once I arrived home in Pemberton, but that portion of my story is too long and complicated. To generalize it and get to the final part of my story, my landlord/ex-employer/ex-friend assumed I was being deported. The local RCMP and Pemberton Village Council had tired of my complaints of their on-going corruption. Additionally, my landlord (Norm Little) and his manager (Myson Effa) had just stuffed my Ford Explorer with most of my personal belongings from my private suite and locked storage and had it impounded, as well as evicted me that night (without due process). I was robbed, left homeless, and in brutal pain. An acquaintance let me stay at his home until I found a suite/cabin to rent (barter for farm labor). The RCMP refused to do anything (more to this story). On October 26th of 2011, I wrote the Pemberton Mayor, Council, and RCMP to inform them of my pending legal action against them for their cruel and inhumane treatment of me and for violating my rights. The very next day, October 27th around high noon, at least six RCMP officers and two CBSA “agents”, all armed, surrounded my cabin, pounded on my door, walls, and windows; yelling and demanding I come out or “things could get real messy.” In fear of my life, I came out, was cuffed, shackled, and taken to the Pemberton jail where I was questioned by CBSA agents. A CBSA agent then placed me in two heavy cloth restraining devices (think Hannibal Lector). My lower legs were literally zipped together, a very large strap/belt was placed around my waist, my wrists were strapped and pinned to my hips by the waistband, and I was place in the back of an unmarked government sedan, with a high-security glass barrier between the front and back seats (like cop cars).

The two CBSA agents, one a short chubby Asian male, the other a taller chubby Caucasian male with a goatee (actually an RCMP officer in civilian clothes, last name Papp), told me they were taking me to their facilities to “work things out” and resolve any Refugee Status issues. Instead, they drove me across the Canadian/U.S. border and told U.S. border agents they were “repatriating” me (without due process). The U.S. border guards said they had never seen that happen before. They said Genesis Security usually brings people across, not CBSA. I was left homeless on the streets of Blaine, Washington with no coat on a cold night, no I.D., none of my cancer medicine/supplements, no personal possessions, and only $100 to my name. I spent two nights in a motel with no food before finding my way to a homeless shelter in another city. Three days after being left to die on the streets by Canadian “officials”, I nearly did just that… After checking into a temporary homeless shelter (30 days max.), the next morning I passed out in the street and had someone call an ambulance to examine me (shock/trauma, exhaustion, hunger, dehydration, cold-sweat, heart palpitations, etc.). They urgently wanted to admit me to the hospital and warned me that based on my vitals, I might die (in writing). I assumed they were exaggerating a little and, without health insurance, I could not risk the huge bills that would surely follow. Once I regained my composure, I refused hospitalization and signed a waiver, received a copy, and went back to the shelter. I am now living on the streets with re-metastasizing cancer, without proper food or medicine, without my truck, without all of my worldly possessions (which are still in my unlawfully impounded truck and private storage in Pemberton, accruing huge fees), and I have no financial means or “authorization” to return to Canada to retrieve what is rightfully mine.

I still need to acquire my hospital records and get the Vancouver Police and RCMP (Squamish and Pemberton) to release my files (Access to Information Act). I filled out a release request form for SGH in-person and after-hours on August 8th of 2011, but since I was cruelly deported, I’ve been unable to retrieve them. Being homeless and penniless, it is nearly impossible for me to accomplish anything due to bureaucracy and costs (to exercise my “rights”). I did manage to get the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner to start an investigation into VPD. They are through with the investigation and have retrieved video, witness & VPD personnel interviews, etc. They have acknowledged that the VPD had no right to strip-search me (Police Act guidelines). I am awaiting the Final Investigation Report along with the Discipline Authority’s decision, allegedly mailed by Tony CAVEZZA of the VPD. He claimed to have mailed it last Wednesday and sent me a “tracking number” photo as proof, but it failed to arrive or show up on Canada Post’s website tracking feature. He now claims it received a different tracking number from his mail room because it was being sent to the US.

I have personally acquired names, identification numbers, and much more relevant information to Genesis, CBSA, and others since the accident. I have numerous photos and relative documents (my investigative journalism and research skills helped). I also now have a “blog” and am carefully documenting every minute aspect of this sick and bizarre story (with substantial and relative evidentiary documentation).

Thank you for your time and patience in reading this long email.

Kindest regards,

Kevin Patrick Wright, Sui juris
Born: April 28, 1964

My Blog address:

Genesis Security Group
Suite 310-1770 Burrard St.
Vancouver, BC V6J 3G7
(604) 669-0832

The above submitted portion of this story is just the most recent series of events. This whole mess started many years earlier in the USA, where I was born and raised. I have also documented the events that led up to my fleeing the USA (Summer of 2006), seeking political asylum in Canada, and my eventual deportation. These events are the reasons for my creating my Blog and can be found there. I have provided extensive evidence and have links to documents, photos, emails, etc. in my various Blog posts. Any help to expose this story is welcome. Feel free to ask questions. I’ll gladly provide evidence as well, if not covered or linked from my Blog.


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