“F*ck Your Badge” Sign Destroyed by CopSuckers at Republican National Convention (VIDEO)

On July 4th of this year I burned a “Thin Blue Line” flag (see video at end of post) as a statement to police to stop working for the government, stop protecting bad cops and to offer their service of protection directly to the consumers (us) instead.

Of course many people were unable to hear the message because they were too busy being offended by me burning a piece of cloth. The best example I can give of this epic butthurt is that of John Burke, the ‘fitness motivator’, who seems to attack contributors here at CopBlock.org whenever his ‘fintness motivations’ aren’t getting him the Facebook engagements his huge ego so badly needs.

Below is John’s video:

emailbannerWhile I plan to address Mr. Butthurt himself directly in the near future he’s just one example of butthurt people have over a piece of cloth or a statement like, “Fuck Your Badge” or “Fuck the Police.” It’s ironic that Burke says, “So you could choose to put on a badge or uniform and try and change it from the inside.” When he himself left the military because of an “infestation of toxic leadership” and claiming he can do more for the military and veterans from the outside than he could working within the system. Read it for yourself here, and I’ll get back to Burke another time.

As much as I wish I could say Burke inspired me to carry the “Fuck Your Badge” sign on the second day of the Republican National Convention, he didn’t. The people who reacted so emotionally to the ‘thin blue line’ flag (which isn’t really a flag at all, just a novelty item) burning most certainly did though.

I believe that EVERYONE – police officers alike – should be saying “FUCK YOUR (this) BADGE.” Police, individuals who want to protect people for a living, DO NOT need a BADGE or THIN BLUE LINE to do so. The police DO need a BADGE and Brotherhood to protect the GOVERNMENT and themselves.

What I advocate for is that we all have the freedom to choose the protection we want. Which seems pretty logical since we live in the ‘Land of the Free.’ If ‘police officers’ (again, simply people who want to provide some sort of protection service) can convince individuals to pay them for a service then it will happen. If people want to use guns, cameras or other items to keep themselves and property safe, so be it. As I stated in the video, “if this is the freest country on the planet than we should have the option to choose. If we don’t have options we are not free.”

Below is the video of my day carrying the “Fuck Your Badge” Sign:

While I expected to interact with a lot of CopSuckers – being the RNC and all – I never expected one of them to actually destroy my sign. I thought the police would make up an excuse to take it from me but I didn’t think anyone would tear it up.

Yet, even though someone did it proved three things I’ve said all along.

  1. Police protection is a farce. Approximately 20 cops were within a 20 foot radius of me while I was being assaulted by the woman. At Least 8 on horseback witnessed the man destroy my property, which is an actual crime and one with a victim, yet, not one of them came to protect either party. Thanks for proving my point officers.
  2. I didn’t ask for police assistance. Like so many in the video claimed I would, I didn’t NOT call or ask for the police to help me while being attacked or after my property was damaged. One person was saying “police, police!” after the man ripped my sign but you can hear me say in the video that, “We don’t need the police to resolve our disputes.” I refuse to ask the police for help and I wouldn’t have assisted them in ‘pressing charges’ had they intervened.
  3. Disputes can be resolved without the POLICE! The man ended up paying me $20 for my sign and no one went to jail, court or had to hire lawyers. We talked like human beings and the man realized that destroying my property was wrong and that he had to make right on that wrongdoing.

The “Fuck Your Badge” sign wave was a huge success even if cut short. Not only did I give a number of interviews that allowed me to get my point across, I also spoke with many more, less hostile, people. The reverse side of the sign stated, “You do not need a badge to protect people. You do need one to protect the government.” When you follow it up with clarifying that protection is just like another service and that people should be as free to choose their form of protection as they are what car they drive, not many argue against that.

It’s logical to allow people the freedom to spend their money how they see fit and to refuse giving money to people who aren’t providing a service you want. Which is why I tell people, “if you like the police so much, you pay for them.” Let me opt out, pick up what I was paying and the world will keep spinning. I won’t call them, use them or take any of their time from them.

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The problem is, when enough of us ask for this the government will lose it’s enforcers and without government police the rest of government loses its teeth. This is why you’re told the police are so brave and a necessity in society. That without them we’d have chaos or anarchy. Which is what the “Thin Blue Line” means to the police, they believe they are all that stands between order and chaos. The truth of the matter is that without government police there would still be people ready to provide protection (recover stolen property or keeping roads safe) there just wouldn’t be anyone left to enforce the government’s rules.

This is why people react so emotionally to burning a flag or saying “fuck your badge.” They’ve been brainwashed into believing this fallacy and refusing to accept any other way of providing the service of protection.

It’s time to start considering alternatives to government protection. Today I’m saying “fuck your badge” and begging police to take my money directly. If they don’t the distrust with government police will continue to grow, more people will be harmed and there will be chaos in the streets. Not because there are no rules but because we have corrupt rulers with far too many people believing the fallacies they tell them.

That’s what I want to avoid. I’d rather see police office the service directly and if a mistakes happens fix it, or go out of business because the only way to even have a hope of accountability is to subject the service of protection to market demands like all other services.

Until then, I’ll be here saying “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.”


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