Protecting Cops with CopBlock Condoms at the RNC 2016

During our time at the Republican National Convention last week, Ademo and I decided to do a little outreach, have a little fun and show some goodwill. Individual police officers are not my enemies, the system of forced public policing predicated on aggression and theft is what I oppose. So to lighten the mood and lift some of the drudgery, we approached dozens of law enforcement officers from all over the country with a friendly offer of free CopBlock protection services.

To their credit, almost all of the officers we approached were at the very least congenial, or had a robust sense of humor about it. Only a few gave us their Thin Blue Lazer Death Stare but we were able to dodge them to continue our mission. In almost all of those cases there seemed to be a common physical similarity. Steroids are not cool, kids.

A highlight of our interactions was when one officer asked Ademo if we were just trying to prevent any new cop babies (see end of video). Well, what can I say? BUSTED!

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The officer who seemed to get the biggest kick out of it was the one you can see me hugging in the video. That man seemed like a genuinely wonderful person, as did many cops we met while doing this. Which is part of why I do this. It is a shame to waste such great human beings on those soiled badges when they could be doing real and lasting good in their communities. I wish all of those good men and women in badges peace and prosperity; and hope that they too can be ridden the burden of public policing to find innovative ways to engage with their communities and their needs.

The Police State is deadly serious business. But activism doesn’t always have to be. Through what we do we can set an example of how we wish others to behave. In this case we used humor and compassion to offer some fellow human beings an added measure of safety. And had fun doing it.

I would like to thank Ademo for the many hours of hard work he put into editing our combined footage, and for the idea that started this friendly gag.

I would like to thank all of the friendly officers who had a sense of humor and a smile for us.

And for all of those who didn’t want to have another cop baby, and won’t just yet thanks to us – you are quite welcome.


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