The Theft & Recovery of My Personal Property by Vengeful Cleveland Cops

Recently Ademo posted about an incident at the Republican National Convention in which Cleveland Police revenge-stole our backpacks as desperate attempt to punish us for not being blindly obedient to the police state.

Cleveland Police STEAL Backpacks From Contributors at RNC

The video above contains the footage that I took of the incident, as well as my narration of events as they unfolded.

In both videos you can clearly see several people with backpacks wandering around the same area that we were in. Besides that, so far as I know, nobody has ever been harmed by a backpack. A backpack is a harmless thing, although you can put dangerous items in them. So why, once the backpacks had been illegally and thoroughly searched, did the CPD find it a necessity to public safety to take our backpacks?

If you came up with any other answer than, “Because they are childish bullies who used the unposted backpack regulations not to keep the public safe, but to assert their dominion over others who do not agree with their thuggish behaviors and worldview.” – then you are wrong.

In fact, if you pay close enough attention, it appears a few of these fellas are ashamed to be part of this blatant act of theft. These poor individuals probably actually believed they were signing up to make the world a better place and now must daily face the horror of those lies. Whether they just give in and accept them, or end their association with such brutish thuggery, will determine whether or not they were ‘one of the good ones’. The good ones don’t last long.

I know there will be at least a dozen comments trying to explain the backpack theft as a reasonable act. The mental gymnastics needed to make such fantastic leaps of logic and come to such fantastic conclusions are evidence of the sort of ideology that one must adopt wholesale to continue supporting the police state. If you can reason that the theft was justified, you are not free.

Freedom is the ability to think and act on your own will, without undue influence of others narratives and agendas. Freedom, unlike liberty, is a personal state. Liberty is how external agencies limit your choices, but freedom is how your own mind does it. Freedom comes from within, and those who openly confess a dependency on external agents have had their freedoms robbed from them by the conditioning of the state via its schools and media control.

Quite simply, if you support the theft of my property, it is because you are also a victim of theft. But where I only lost a backpack, you have lost your own free will and agency to the same forces. Fortunately, after a great rigmarole, we were able to get our backpacks back.

Whether you believe it or not, the actions of CopBlockers are an attempt to return your stolen property – your freedom. Whether you chaff at us like a child who doesn’t want to take the medicine that it needs to stay healthy and alive, or you support us, we have your best interests in mind. It is hard to help people who hate you for it, but that is what real bravery and courage does. It fights for those who spit at it.

The ideological fight against police and the state is one by which I wish to return the most important property of all to each and every individual – freedom.

I forgive you slaves who hold the whips for the masters. In fact, I love you, even if you hate me for my freedom.

Peace and prosperity to all of you.

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