Homeless Man Talks Of Harassment By Santa Maria City Rangers

This is yet another submission from our friend Nathanial ‘Nasty’ Thomas. It is a follow-up to his earlier piece:

Santa Maria City Rangers – New Police Force Created to Target the Homeless

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Howdy folks. How are you all doing? Well, in this addition of Life On The Beat With Nasty Nathanial I am going to share with you a video interview that I did with a homeless man here in beautiful Santa Maria, California. The city of sun and sin. This is a follow up to a post I submitted several months ago about the Santa Maria City Rangers, a special police force created to target the homeless.

Ok gets lets get to it. For those of you who did not see the original post I will explain to you exactly what the City Rangers are. In July of 2004 the city of Santa Maria created this special police force in response to so called complaints from residents whom felt that they did not feel safe visiting city parks due to what Recreation and Parks Director Alexander Posada described as “park nuisances”. Mmmmmmmm? Therefor the City Rangers were brought in to keep order in the parks, and other public places, such as the Public Library, and make local residents feel safe.

“Nasty” Nathanial Thomas

The reality of the situation is that this was a special police created to target the homeless and provide enough harassment to run them out of the parks and other parts of the city. These so called “park nuisances” that Director Posada refers to are simply the presence of homeless people hanging out in the parks and because of the fact that some people feel uncomfortable about seeing homeless men and women in such public places there suddenly became a need to create a special police force that cost tax payers around $2oo,o00 a year.

But what are the City Rangers really accomplishing? Are they helping to keep Santa Maria residents safe? In 2015 there were 13 homicides in the city and during the first month of 2016 Santa Maria saw more murders than Oakland, Sacramento, and San Jose combined. Please keep in mind that Santa Maria is a city of a little more than 100,000 residents.

So with this being said I would like to ask Mayor Alice Patino why she feels the city needs to waist time and resources on a special police force that’s soul purpose seems to be to harass homeless people. How about using tax payer dollars to help the homeless opposed to harassing them? And as far as keeping the residents of Santa Maria safe how about providing the “real” police with the proper resources they need to do something about the alarming rise in murder and other violent crimes the city has experiencing. But the City Rangers? Come on. This a joke.

With all of this being said lets encourage Mayor Alice Patino and Recreation and Parks Director Alexander Posada to do the city a great service by disbanding this rinky dink police force called the Santa Maria City Rangers.

Mayor Alice Patino
Phone: (805) 925-0951 ext. 2188
E-mail: apatino@cityofsantamaria.org

Recreation and Parks Director Alexander Posada
Phone: (805) 925-0951 ext. 2260
E-mail: aposada@cityofsantamaria.org

Thanks for reading and until next time may the force be with you. Happy trails.



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