Idaho Attorney General: No Charges Against Deputies Who Killed Jack Yantis

Martin Hill, of, recently posted this final update – in regards to charges against the killer cops – to his site regarding the murder of Jack Yantis. Of course NO CHARGES will be filed, further details below.

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Very sad and disappointing news today out of Idaho – the Attorney General has announced that no charges will be filed against deputies Brian Wood and Cody Roland, who slaughtered 62-year-old rancher Jack Yantis outside of his ranch on November 1, 2015. The Adams County Sheriff’s department had called Jack at home and requested that he put down one of his bulls, which had been hit by a car. The deputies then pumped twelve bullets into Jack’s chest, stomach and heart in front of his nephew and wife, who immediately had a heart attack.

Be sure to visit the Jack Yantis Case Archives. Our prayers and condolences are with the Yantis family at this time. It is very painful when one is confronted with such a stark and shocking injustice- a senseless, needless murder.

Ecclesiastes Chapter 5:7-8 “If thou shalt see the oppressions of the poor, and violent judgments, and justice perverted in the province, wonder not at this matter: for he that is high hath another higher, and there are others still higher than these: Moreover there is the king that reigneth over all the land subject to him”

Since I first began reporting on this case, I have gotten to know a lot of people in Council, Idaho including some people who loved and knew Jack. On November 30, 2015, one month after the shooting, the sheriff had refused to name Jack’s two killers. So LibertyFight was contacted by a local source who revealed all the details to us. I published the names. It went super-viral, which then resulted in Sheriff Ryan Zollman ‘coincidentally’ deciding to hold a press conference at 6PM that night, confirming what we had reported at 4AM Pacific time.

Banner - cell 411Our local sources later gave us the copy of a secret police memo on 5/16/16 about one of Jack’s maniac killers: All Hell Breaks Loose In Jack Yantis Case: Idaho Law Enforcement Issues *USE EXTREME CAUTION* Statewide Alert For Deputy Who Killed Jack Yantis According To The Law Enforcement Alert, Deputy Brian Wood Has Access To Explosives, Was Involved in Domestic Violence, ‘Has Become Increasingly Unstable,’ Is Separated from wife, Has Frightened His In-Laws. Wood told Adams County Sheriff Office “If cops get involved, shots will be fired.”

That resulted in the mainstream press running the story on the 6 o’clock TV news: ‘Fringe’ Website Breaks Truth Wide Open In Leak of Secret Internal Police Memo, Sheriff’s Dept. ‘Frustrated’

Establishment corporate media were forced to cover the release of a secret leaked police memo yesterday, after the expose on the matter went super-viral worldwide in a matter of moments. In response, Sheriff Ryan Zollman claimed that the memo was “old news,” after hiding it from the public for nearly four months. In reality the ‘Officer Safety’ Notice, issued by the Ada County, Idaho Crime Analysis Unit last January, was not ‘old news’ to the public at all. On the contrary, it was brand new news, because no one ever told the public about it. It’s very significant news, which is why the corporate media was forced to immediately pick it up, as well as channel 7 TV news in Idaho, which ran a breaking 6PM news story on it last night. According to channel 7, the Ada County sheriff’s Dept. was “frustrated” over the leak of the confidential memo, which police officers are supposedly forbidden to release. The document revealed that killer cop Brian Wood was ‘increasingly unstable,’ had guns, ‘access to explosives,’ was involved in domestic violence, and threatened “If cops get involved, shots will be fired.”


Here is a 5-minute video of the Idaho Attorney General, from his press conference today, July 29th, explaining his version of what happened that tragic night.

Below is the outrageous press release from the AG’s office. And also, the longer full one-hour video of the AG’s press conference.

Five chaotic minutes result in the shooting of Jack Yantis


For Immediate Release
Media Contact: Todd Dvorak
(208) 334-4112Date: July 29, 2016

Attorney General Completes Review of Officer Involved Shooting in Adams County

(Boise) – Attorney General Lawrence Wasden has completed his review of the officer involved shooting in Adams County and determined that no criminal charges will be filed against two sheriff deputies under investigation.

The review focused on the death of Jack Yantis, 62, of Council, who was fatally shot during a November 1, 2015 encounter with Adams County Sheriff Deputies Cody Roland and Brian Wood.

After reviewing more than 5,000 pages of reports, lab results, witness statements and other materials, Wasden said the evidence is insufficient to support a conviction beyond a reasonable doubt of the two deputies. Wasden said his decision is limited to the very narrow focus of a criminal prosecution.

‘There is no other way to describe what happened that day as anything but tragic and unfortunate for the Yantis family and the entire community,’ Attorney General Wasden said. ‘It is my hope that in the weeks and months ahead, the community can heal and rebuild trust.’

In conjunction with this announcement, Wasden is making public the investigative file compiled by the Idaho State Police and prosecutors in the Attorney General’s Criminal Division.

Wasden is also making public the decision letter sent Friday to the Adams County Prosecutor and attorneys for the Yantis family. The public can view the letter and investigative file on the Attorney General’s website.

‘I also want to thank investigators at Idaho State Police as well as members of my staff for an investigation that was thorough and professional,’ Wasden said.

For media, there are two documents attached to this press release, including a fact sheet and the decision letter.

The Attorney General will hold a media briefing Friday at 10:30 a.m. in his office. Please call 334-4119 for details.

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