New Jersey Police Officer Watches Woman Get Robbed And Does Nothing

I would never advocate entering a business to tell a police officer they’re parked wrong. In fact, I understand why cops park the way they park. With this encounter, Sarah enters a small business to confront officers who parked in the crosswalk while they stopped to eat. What happens next is a good example of how apologists are just as mean and violent as everyone they claim to be against.

A man who didn’t like the fact Sarah came in yelling at the cops decided to grab her phone out of her hand by force while Sarah screamed for him to stop. It was clear and would obviously be odd for Sarah to be begging the cops for help, but when a woman is being attacked there’s no discretion on an officers part, he’s there to stop violence. The officer did nothing, he seemed to think it was funny. The man in the video should be identified and charged with a robbery by force. I don’t think putting a camera two feet from someones face is the most respectful thing you can do, but that man is violent and attacked a woman.

I’m realistic enough to understand that removing police isn’t going to help anything, I’m standing in the middle between police and people that hate them. I like police and I hope we can get back to the domestic form of policing where everything isn’t illegal. Cops have families and I have a family so I understand. That’s called empathy, I don’t think in every video I watch the cops are in the wrong. In fact, many videos people are claiming police brutality I disagree with, I use empathy to discern the two apart.

If an officer goes 8mph over all the speed limit, then they shouldn’t be pulling anyone over unless they’re going at least 10mph over. Now while I would never confront a cop like that, when I watched the first video I sided with the cops. I believe cops can park places so they can go on emergencies faster, I would also rather have them out of their car and not extorting anyone. Cops are first responders on emergencies, that’s an important role in the community. I wish their only other role was solving rapes, murders, and robberies, but it’s not.

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The officer was obviously allowing a little street justice because she literally just entered the restaurant and was embarrassing him.  Or did she embarrass him? Let’s look at the second video, now this video is where the game changes. Besides the fact the officer watched this WOMAN get robbed and assaulted, HE had literally just wrote a man a parking ticket 20 minutes before.

That goes back to my point, if he’s going to park illegally, he shouldn’t be writing tickets to people for parking illegally. So not only did he allow Sarah to get attacked without helping, he played the victim card like he didn’t just write someone a ticket minutes before!

What this officer did is exactly why I wouldn’t put on a badge and try and make a change myself. I can’t handle that much power, I’ve ejected 100 people just umpiring baseball. I would be abusing my power every second I could because it would feel good.

There’s too many cops like me on the police force and they should be removed, this cop seems to be a good example of the type of cop I would be.  When you add in training with power hungry people like myself and thousands of cops, it would probably get very scary. My goal isn’t to identify this officer and humiliate him, subscribe to Mike Bluehair’s YouTube channel for names and the second video is below.



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