Police Plot to Stop and Search Youth Averted by Camera

Can a camera save us from illegal searches? What has the role of the police become? Clearly, the good ol’ days of “To Protect and Serve” is going the way of Mayberry RFD. So much so that it seems police departments are replacing the phrase with “In God We Trust” on their vehicles. Maybe that was just less of a PR nightmare than “To Create Crime for Revenue”.

In this video, we clearly hear two police officers discussing vehicles parked in front of a house. No complaints. No discussion of any wrongdoing.  Simply multiple cars at a house. Forget that this was during graduation, and families all over the city were having family celebrations, to these cops, people visiting each other is enough to arouse their suspicion. They even go so far as to start running plates. The vehicle they seem to have targeted was…GASP….from another home in Carrollton.

Carrollton seems to have a longstanding reputation as having a police department that harasses the youth in the city. They appear to target them, and find reasons to pull them over with the intent to do whatever it takes to find even the smallest amount of marijuana. Carrollton Speed Tax (CST) on Youtube has numerous videos of police pulling people over for generally innocuous things like registration stickers, then claiming “I smell pot” so they can force a search. Almost all the videos come up empty handed, which seems to prove that it’s all a game for them.

So, does history prove ill intent on the part of the police in this case? Were they going to pull the same “I smell pot” stunt here? It would appear so.

With videos of many, many stops by the Carrollton Police Department, there does seem to be a trend. If it’s just a generic stop…a legitimate stop, the initiating officer just takes care of everything his or her self, and moves on to the next victim. However, when they are planning an “I smell pot” stop, multiple officers are called to the scene before anything even happens. Before the initiating officer even has time to actually smell anything. You can see examples HERE, HEREHERE and HERE.

As if that “trend” isn’t enough, for this stop we actually have the conversation beforehand where the officers are discussing the “plan”. They discuss the cars, registration info, sitting “blacked out” down the street waiting, and even where they live. All devoid of any evidence of actual wrongdoing, whatsoever. Unfortunately, we fall just short of being able to state these findings absolutely because just as the plan was being finalized, “I’ll call your personal” is heard. While this may have saved them from that final nail in the coffin, it does hurt their credibility even more in the eyes of the public. The only reason anyone would choose to use personal devices is to avoid accountability.

This does appear to expose something most people probably fear in the back of their minds, but choose to believe that it couldn’t happen in their city. Our image of the days when the police were part of the community, there to help us in time of need, and to protect us from the “evils of society” seem to be the stuff of Hollywood. The police have become more of a paramilitary organization out to do the bidding of their superiors instead of working with the community. An “us vs them” mentality that they only confirm with dirty scams under color of law.

Revenue Rex Redden of Carrollton would seemingly rather destroy a young man’s life over a joint than to put those resources on the growing crime and increase in murders in the city. Maybe solving murders doesn’t get him all these cool, expensive, new toys. Not to mention his upcoming new HQ building that will be among the nicest in the city when completed.

Perhaps alienating the youth in Carrollton is the reason it is failing at being anything close to a young, vibrant city. However, with it’s recent nod as being a top place to retire, Carrollton can take pride in being a place to grow old and die instead.

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