Opportunists Using Police Deaths to Further Own Agendas

It seems pretty clear where the country stands when it comes to the police. They are held in high regard no matter what. Even in the face of video proof of wrongdoing, they are protected. If anything happens to them though, the country jumps. It’s a different standard across the board it seems, but they aren’t exempt from being opportunists.

Since the recent spate of police shootings by a few deranged individuals, we’ve already seen changes across the board. The police themselves immediately used those anomalies as an excuse to bend the law in their favor. Everyone appears to be a police killer. People with cameras are treated like criminals because of “police shootings”. People are forced to ID under color of law based on “police shootings”. Anyone who comes within visual contact of the police are treated like potential police killers.  The sad part is the public just rolls with it allowing the police to put a higher premium on an imagined epidemic than on the people they took an oath to protect.

It’s quite the dichotomy really.

US Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) jumped to action after the Dallas Police shootings to pass a bill that will give them more training for active shooter situations. While that sounds good, where was Senator Cornyn with special training money when people of color were being killed by police officers? Point being, if Sen. Cornyn had stepped up with ANY kind of solution to a very real problem of people being killed by police across the country, maybe he wouldn’t have needed to step up with protective training AFTER police were killed.

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Then of course we see the likes of Governor Greg Abbott of Texas trying to push through laws that make police a “protected class”. This is clearly posturing since killing cops is already a capital crime. However, what did Governor Abbott do to show that he denounces the killings of black men by police? If a white man without a badge were to kill a black man, it would likely be considered a hate crime. Why are the police treated differently? Maybe if politicians would have recognized the potential hate crimes committed by cops, they wouldn’t have to come up with more nonsense to look like they champions for the police.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick ran to the rescue promising to supply the police with better equipment, and give tax exempt status to families of fallen officers. In other words, the further militarization of police, as well as special benefits to police families. What does this do? It gives police more protection (good thing), but it does nothing for the people killed by police. Not only do families not get a tax exempt status, they get the entirety of the police and politicians protecting the people who killed their loved ones.

EDallas+Police+Payven the Dallas police have been using this tragedy as an opportunity. Police Chief David Brown is working to get raises, more officers, and 5 years of counseling for all the officers and families due to the shooting. Granted, Dallas police seem to be on the lower side of the pay scale, but it’s still cringe worthy using police deaths to get it. This is from the chief who instituted a 3 day “cooling off period” for cops who shoot someone where they don’t have to talk to investigators for 3 days. Do we get that same opportunity? Do families of those killed by officers get special counseling? The police themselves are using the death of their brothers as an opportunity to get more money.

The people have even accepted the desecration of the US flag. They have taken on the US Flag with a thin blue line through it as their own. Some even using this on their uniforms. Even though these same people have fought to have desecration of the flag against the law, they seem to be OK with the police doing it.  It would seem they only think burning it is desecration, but it’s written to show DEFACING IT WITH SLOGANS in the same explanation as burning, urinating or defecating on it. More double standards.

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Make no mistake, the shootings in Dallas and in Baton Rouge were tragic, but they were also anomalies. Crazy people will find ways to be crazy. Just because the most recent shootings were against police doesn’t make it any different than Columbine, Sandy Hook, Pulse in Orlando, Aurora Co, San Bernardino, or any of dozens of other mass shootings. Militarizing the police would have done very little to protect any of these people, and it will do very little in the future…except to further the fear of police.

All of this just furthers the divide that already exists today. Giving the police more equipment won’t stop them from killing people. Giving them more training to protect themselves won’t help them understand why black people don’t trust them. Making them a “protected class” won’t garner any sympathy from the black community who have seen so many of their own “protected class” killed by police with no help from that law.

It would seem obvious that none of this will FIX anything. This will just increase the power of an already too powerful organization. Working harder to fix the many problems would go much further in making everyone safer. These are just bandages for a wound that is far too big…but we know it really isn’t about fixing the problem, is it?


Carrollton Speed Tax

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