Fuck Your Thin Blue Line

On the morning of Saturday, August 13th, I set out to confront the East Precinct of the Portland Police Bureau about their “lawful order” that certain people could not walk on the sidewalk in front of their station. This bullshit order was given the day before to fellow Portland CopBlocker, Robert West. (Embedded below.)

It, of course, is not a lawful order and my plan was to push that fact to the point of arrest if need be. Being as it was a Saturday however, they were not open, and my plans were foiled. Until I noticed the blue tape on a lamp post that is.

You can see in the video the ribbons on the trees as I walk past when I first arrived, but I did not notice them at first. After realizing my plans had failed, I sat down next to the sally port to harass some cops as they came and went. That is when I noticed the blue tape and decided to investigate.

My problem with the “thin blue line” ideology is that it enforces the idea that it’s cops vs citizens. It takes away the idea that they are supposed to be part of the communities in which they are supposed to serve. The thin blue line is the reason cops don’t arrest other cops, and when they do blow the whistle on corrupt cops they are treated as outcasts or worse have their lives threatened.

I can’t stand by and let cops display these gang symbols, so I took them down. Enjoy.


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