UPDATE: Ademo’s Chalking the Police Arrest

Below is a video I shot and edited explaining some recent court room drama I’m trying to weed through. In sort, I’m very close to being sent to jail for two months because court employee’s are inadequate at full filling their daily tasks. Something as simple as making a phone call and sending mail has become an utter mess and a major pain in my butt.

Even when the mistake is clear as day the state, particularly Kathleen Broderick and Judge Brown, still argues that the fault is mine, even to loosely suggest that I’ve violated bond in the process. Watch the video below and see for yourself.

Hopefully someone will see this video and give me the trial I deserve. I’ll make some calls on Monday or I should have a hearing in District Court (Manchester) soon. At that time my case will either be sent back to Superior or I’ll be jailed because someone in Superior can’t mail a letter.

Hillsborough County
Attorney’s Offices

300 Chestnut Street
Manchester, NH 03101
Phone: (603) 627-5605



Ademo Freeman

was born and raised in Wisconsin, traveled the country in a RV dubbed “MARV” and is an advocate of a voluntary society, where force is replaced with voluntary interactions. He’s partaken in projects such as, Motorhome Diaries, Liberty on Tour, Free Keene, Free Talk Live and is the Founder of CopBlock.org.

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  • Common Sense

    Adam, you know you have court dates coming up. Maybe you should focus on your case then trying to dodge it.

  • Hey

    @ No Common Sense

    Maybe you should focus on growing up and try to be a little mature instead of trolling here like a vengeful child?

    @ Ademo

    Sounds your justice system there is acting like a Banana Republic would.

    Hope you succeed in getting this untangled with a Judge who is impartial and not biased.

    Please keep us updated how it went.

  • Mathew Griner

    I too share your frustration. The court system seems like it never is on top of things these days. I’ve gone through a situation somewhat similar to this in the fact that the court was tryin to jail me for missing a drug test which I took and sent in weeks before.(bogus charge to begin with) If they’re playing with peoples lives they should at least be on top of things since its this serious.

    Please let’s us kno how everything turns out. I wish you the best of luck
    God Bless

  • Tim

    What did they arrest you for? Writing on a wall in chalk?

    I wonder how often the police of your state arrest elementary school kids for writing in chalk on the side of the school or the blacktop.

  • Pete Malloy

    I have never been this excited to see someone go to jail. You are such a pain in the ass to the cause of government reform and police accountability. Maybe some time away will help you grow the fuck up and stop acting like an over sized man-child

  • Marine andy

    Pete you’re are truly a trolling idiot. Good luck ademo!

  • Zhaliberty

    This is a “clusterfluff”. I don’t really understand how people in a “justice” system can’t follow a chain of discrepancies and errors that lead to more errors. Ademo, keep at it. Those who don’t like accountability are the ones who seem annoyed. They always do. Accountability is a bitch.

  • Pete Malloy

    Aw is poor little poser andys feelings hurt. Grow the fuck up. These clown antics do nothing but make those who want real improvement look bad. Change comes ifrom moderates who will listen and demonstrate some ability to compromise, not radical fools who need a diaper hcange more than air time on youtube

  • Pete Malloy

    I love an intelligent conversation about the constitution, or restrictions on government agents, but jamming a camera into every officers face and screaming name and badge number just drives a further wedge between the two sides.. good riddance, the clown wanted to step up to the big leagues and fight the system, he got it. He just learned he isn’t that clever and will have time in jail to think about how dumb he really it

  • Pete Malloy

    Copblock blocked

  • Common Sense

    Adam does carry some of this burden himself. He knows he was arrested. He knows he has a PR bond. He knows he had pending cases, files motions, but then claims they sent a letter to the wrong address? Come on Adam. Don’t play a cheap game. I dare say the court is under no obligation to ensure they have your correct address. Perhaps they obtained it from your book in. Eitherway, your day in court is coming and I hope your prepared. The chalking is but one issue. The indictment on the felony charges is another. Seriously you should be looking for an attorney, perhaps one will represent you at no cost. Even if you are found guilty, you will still have the right to appeal. If you treat this as a game, don’t be surprised if you lose.

  • Tmstr
  • @Pete Malloy @ Common Sense.

    I normally don’t wish ill on anyone, however, in your cases, I really hope there is such a thing as karma. I really hope that you two run into the same legal walls and rights violations that Ademo is. I hope that there are peeps around you that offer the same advice @ help to you that your offer to Ademo. I hope that you recieive the same level of sympathy that you extend to Ademo. See, the difference between is “civilians” and you Law Enforcement Officers is that we still, for the most part, retain a bit of compasion and empathy toward our fellow man. We even extend those emotions to the LEO community (at least those officers that aren’t acting as some know-all Lord-all officious A**hole). Try being a part of the community. Maybe open your minds a bit to some criticism. At least try to look upon an issue from anothers view-point. You may find that they will do the same for you. Stop prejudging peeps for their position on a subject. Although it may be different than yours, you may learn something or have your view amended some. You may even change someone elses’ view a bit if you become a little more civilized. Name-calling gets no one anywhere. Ad Hominem attacks only begat more of the same. If you gentlemen want to change the isteem of you held by others, perhaps the problem is with you. Just Saying……..

  • @ Ademo,

    This is going to sound strange, even mean-spirited. I hope you go to jail. Not because I disagree with your side of the arguement or because I find you personally dispicable, I do not. I want you to spend time in jail at the tax-payers’ expense because of the reverse Cloward-Pivens stance I hold.

    I firmly believe that the sooner the “system” runs out of money, or is pushed into taxing regular peeps into angered action, the sooner things will change. Note the anger that has been unleashed in Wis. & NJ over the past 2 yrs. Look at the reform that is taking place in those two states. Notice that States such as Cali., Ill, NY, & Fla are heading in the same directions. The anger and outpouring from the libs will make Wis. & NJ seem tiny in comparison. So, yes, I am a bit selfish and I know that you would rather remain free, but for the good of the country, go to jail. LOL, man that sounded horrible. However it turns out for you, Good Luck. Make the best of whatever outcome is dealt to you.

  • Common Sense

    I certainly don’t think Adam will be sent to prison. Prison is for violent criminals. The posting of video content on YT earned him a 3 count indictment. The chalking, though trival, still earned him another separate charge(s). Adam is not dumb, nor new. He knew, full well, that he was tempting fate with his actions. He, and his friends, sought out the police more often then the police sought them out. There is a forum for your grievences against the state. If you choose to take on the system by willingly break the statute/ordinances of a community, then you run the risk of being charged criminally. Don’t like a law, then learn how bills are introduced and have them overturned.

    Now this(these) charges the the allegation of wrong-doing. He’s not been convicted of anything yet (but I guess he had 2 dope charges in WI I think) so Adam does now how the justice system works. Will he accept a public defender? Maybe. I do find it odd, that no other ‘freeman’ have rushed to his aid.

    I have agreed with things that both Adam and Pete have both said and did, however there are other actions they do, that I do not agree with. And lets be honest, Adam is not MLK fighting for the right to sit at a lunch counter or have a child born in a color neutral hospital. Adam, and his followers, lack the voice necessary to affect change. They are a tiny majority, that’s just the way it is. In a few decades, maybe they won’t be, maybe in that time, you can have a greater voice and do away with most if not all of the police.

    But, Adam boasts about not working, nor paying taxes. I disagree with that. If he just wants to get high and never work, be a mooch of welfare, then that’s his lot in life and don’t bitch when decisions are made without your input. He’s a free man, able to do anything. He’s made choices and decisions in his life, all of free will, and must live with those decisions.

    No one put a pistol against his head and made him post those videos nor put the chalk in his hand.

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  • Pete Malloy

    Alvin, this is a wild concept so you might read this while sitting, but I won’t hit those legal walls because I don’t get into a pissing match with every police officer I see. I respecrt civilized society and I do my part to exist in it. Man child loves playing victim and I refuse to entertain the idea he was somehow wronged because the big bad system is conspiring against him. Like I said, grow up and fight real atrocities. Not having a badge doesn’t grant the right to be a total fucki head

  • North Philly

    God I hate Ademo so much but yet I still come on here to hear him whine and bitch

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  • Ryan

    Pete is moron. Go die of cancer you piece of shit.

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