Portland Oregon’s East Precinct Police – Liars and Thugs.

A couple weeks ago, Portland Police from East Precinct gave unlawful orders to Mike Bluehair and Robert West, fellow Portland  copblockers. The sergeants told them they are not allowed in front of Portland’s East Precinct. The side walk in front of the building is public property and as such, they have every right to be on. After hearing of this unlawful order, a fellow copblocker and I decided to press the issue.

I feel it’s necessary to share this encounter because it shows a few things. First, it shows that cops can and will lie and that cops can and will make up rules and laws because they think they can. Secondly, it shows that it is possible, how ever unwise it might be, to stand up to thugs in blue who give bullshit orders. We did have our own back up with Mike and Bob across the street filming, and with our own cameras rolling, it would be impossible for cops to lie about what happened. That fact is probably the only reason we were not arrested that night.

This is just one incident involving Portland’s East Precinct, earlier this month East Precinct arrested fellow camera activist, Eric Eugene Crowl. They searched his car illegally and found his locked up rifle and pistol. They then charged him with “one count each of unlawful use of a weapon, attempted assault of a public safety officer and unlawful possession of a firearm.” All while his weapons were locked away in his car, and the arrest didn’t happen until he was in front of his house. Bail was then set at $1 million.

Portland’s East Precinct has also been flying their gang colors, the “thin blue line” ribbons on trees and posts in front of the building. I have taken them down twice now, the first being two weeks ago (video #3 embedded below), the second being two days ago (video #4 embedded below). It seems East Precinct of Portland Oregon is not only a band of thugs in blue who openly display their gang colors, but they have no respect for civil liberties or the oath they took to uphold the constitution.

(Unlawful order Video Part 1)

(Unlawful order video part 2)

(Taking down “thin blue line” #1)

(Taking down “thin blue line” #2)


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