California Sheriff’s Deputy Involved in 20 Hour SWAT Standoff

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Department involved Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Murrietta Police Department, Hemet Police Department.

Date of Incident 09/01/2016

Officer Involved Alcide Galley


Alcide Galley, a Riverside County (CA) sheriff’s deputy was involved in a 20 hour SWAT standoff, during a domestic abuse investigation. When the officer (off duty) being investigated was asked to come outside, he decided to disregard that lawful order and instead barricaded himself in his domicile.

A 20 hour standoff between the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, including SWAT, (assisted by Murrieta and Hemet police) and the barricaded off-duty LEO ensued. The end result being that the barricaded off-duty LEO was taken into custody.

Neither civilians nor LEO personnel were harmed during the incident. Access to the neighborhood was restricted and adjacent properties were evacuated during the incident.

Unknown at this time is whether or not the LEO was taken to a hospital, jail, or mental health facility; the barricaded off-duty LEO was taken forcibly or if the barricaded off-duty LEO surrendered peacefully; identities of the alleged domestic abuse victim and the barricaded off-duty officer; and the specific job duties of the barricaded off-duty police officer.

I wonder how this would have played out if the individual was NOT an LEO… hopefully similar, but I have my doubts. A 20 hour standoff for not obeying a lawful order is US law enforcement hypocrisy at its finest.

Domestic violence is nearly twice as high in law enforcement families and obviously when the patriarch is used to everyone on the planet obeying every order, it makes sense that they are unable to distinguish between the responses that are considered appropriate by the department and what is actually legal when you are off duty.

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