Waurika (OK) Police Officer John Fletcher Drove Drunk; Crashed Police Car; Had to be Pried From Wreckage

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It concerns an officer with the Waurika (OK) Police Department who decided to unwind from his long of pulling people over for drunk driving by getting drunk and driving his car, which didn’t end well for him that night.

Kid Clint included this commentary with his submission:

According to KSWO a Waurika police officer was accused of drinking and driving after he crashed his patrol cruiser on Highway 5 on East 1950 road in Waurika, Oklahoma.

Apparently, Officer John Fletcher was possibly traveling as fast as 90 mph, left the road, crashed into a fence and rolled his patrol cruiser two times.

Officer Fletcher was forced to wait for half an hour before the finally Waurika Fire Department arrived and asked what the problem was. His injuries, according to the Waurika Fire Department, were severe enough to have him flown by helicopter to a hospital in Oklahoma City, where he miraculously recovered and was released the next day.

The question now is will Officer John Fletcher be charged for drinking and driving as an ordinary citizen would be, or will Police Chief Gary Whittington just let it ride?

– Kid Clint

Date of Incident: September 05, 2016
Officer Involved: John Fletcher Gary Whittington
Department Involved: Waurika (OK) Police Department
Department Phone No.: 580-228-2324
Department Address: 218 N Main Street

Local coverage, via KSWO.com, a SW Oklahoma ABC affiliate:

A Waurika police officer is accused of driving drunk following an early morning crash on State Highway 5 near County Road East 1950 in Waurika.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says John Fletcher, 22, was traveling south on Highway 5 at a high rate of speed when he left the road and hit a fence, causing his patrol vehicle to roll at least two times.

Fletcher was pinned in the wreckage for half an hour before firefighters were able to free him. He was then flown to a hospital in Oklahoma City where he’s since been released.

Troopers suspect Fletcher had been drinking and say he was not wearing a seat belt. The Waurika Police Chief has yet to comment.

According to another local report Officer Fletcher was driving his department issued Dodge Charger. He also has not been arrested or charged as a result of his drunken crash.

There’s no word yet on how long it will be before Officer Fletcher will be back out there patrolling for people driving under the influence.

Video From Local Media Coverage:

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