CALL TO ACTION: Call Fresno’s DA, Release All Evidence in Dylan Noble Case

The Fresno Police department released body body camera footage of 19-year-old Dylan Noble being killed by Fresno police officers following public outcry, but Dylan’s mother, Veronica Nelson, and her attorney say the department is still withholding public information about Dylan’s death, including extended body camera footage from the officers involved.

Chandler says that he submitted public records requests on July 1, 13 and 18. The information released was “late and did not include the full scope of records requested by the petitioner,” he wrote in the court document.

In the petition, Chandler writes that on July 18, his office had still not received the body camera footage he requested on July 1, although parts of the footage was already released to the news media.

“If the city can provide the media with incomplete video last week, it certainly can provide the complete video to me today,” the letter said.

After receiving the partial footage, Chandler sent a letter asking for the complete body camera footage and records related to the 911 call.

The city objected to the records requests on the grounds that they are part of an ongoing investigation, the records contain information from pending or anticipated claims, and that the records seek information contained in employee personnel files.

“For the past month the city has told only part of the story, supporting its position by releasing only part of the video,” the petition said. “It is prejudicial to the claims presented by Dylan’s mother and father to not have the whole truth available to the public as soon as possible.

“Time is of the essence in completing a thorough investigation,” Chandler wrote. “The city well knows that evidence disappears and witnesses forget.”

The family is asking for supporters to call the offices of District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp to demand the public records released to the public. 

We will be asking for Lisa Smittcamp when we call the office. She’s the elected and head DA whose the lead on Dylan’s case.

As the people and the taxpayers of this city, state, and country we’re demanding (release of) all evidence in the Dylan Noble case that has been requested by the family and their attorneys which includes the 911 calls of the alleged male suspect seen walking with a long rifle, the full autopsy report (a partial leaked autopsy report by Sheriff Mims makes this request even more urgent), and ALL 7 unedited body cam and dash cam footage (Jerry Dyer releasing 1 edited and narrated video on a split screen makes this request more urgent as well).

We’re also demanding that the officers who executed Dylan Noble on the side of the street are fired from Fresno PD, and that they are charged with murder!

District Attorney’s Office (ask for Lisa Smittcamp): 559-600-3141


Dylan Donnelly

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