Jackson (MI) CopBlockers Troll State Agents with TWO MAN Open Carry Marches

It takes two to tango they say.

And two men open carrying firearms, a perfectly legal act in Michigan, to send cops scrambling and prison sirens blaring.

Brandon and James, of Jackson CopBlock, are no strangers to open carry protest by the videos posted at “Jackson CopBlock” on YouTube. These men have open carried their firearms down the street, during protest and even inside a police station (see video below).

Brandon has done so many public open carry demonstrations that the police are even able to identify him from a considerable distance. As shown in the duo’s two most recent videos where they conduct a “TWO MAN OPEN CARRY MARCH” outside the Army Arsenal in Detroit and two ‘correctional facilities’ in Jackson.

I’ll start with the Arsenal video where the highlight of said video is when the cop says, “I don’t care about your open carry law, I want to know what you’re recording.” So, I guess there are still cops out there who STILL don’t realize that photography is not a crime. Nevertheless, see for yourself and notice how many cops end up tailing these guys.

A few days later the duo was out again this time for a 4.5 mile walk that took them past a County Jail and State prison. Once again they were given police escorts and the state prison shut down its yard. See video below.

While some might think that Brandon and James are just looking for trouble. The duo’s goal is to exercise their rights as so not to lose them. Maybe if more people exercised their rights like these fine men we wouldn’t have the gun phobia, murder rates or government abuse we see today?

Don't get just get them a gift, get them a message of peace and goodwill! Click here.
Don’t get just get them a gift, get them a message of peace and goodwill! Click here.

It should be noted that several times the police attempted to interact with the CopBlockers. In the first video they politely refused to make contact and carried on. In the second video they simply choose to remain silent.

In either case, the police didn’t get overly aggressive and detain them until they could/would provide ID like they have to others who were merely conducting first amendment audits of government buildings. The reason is pretty clear to me, the firearms.

While cops claim to be this brave, courageous bunch they simply aren’t. Most of the time that’s because they are no where around when someone really needs them. At other times it’s because they realize that messing with two guys on the side of the road with firearms for first amendment audits just isn’t worth it.

Yet, no matter how you cut it, the brave men and women aren’t all that brave when it comes to being bullies to people who are prepared. And that’s exactly the message sent when you carry a firearm and camera when CopBlocking.


Ademo Freeman

was born and raised in Wisconsin, traveled the country in a RV dubbed "MARV" and is an advocate of a voluntary society, where force is replaced with voluntary interactions. He's partaken in projects such as, Motorhome Diaries, Liberty on Tour, Free Keene, Free Talk Live and is the Founder of CopBlock.org. ____________________________________________________________________________ If you enjoy my work at CopBlock.org, please, consider donating $1/month to the CopBlock Network or purchasing CopBlock.org Gear from the store. ____________________________________________________________________________ Find Ademo at these social networks: Facebook Twitter Youtube