Via Submission: Seek Higher Ground Then Stand Firm and Flex Your Rights

The videos and description within this post were shared with the CopBlock Network by a reader named Mike V, via the Submissions Page.

In the post, Mike describes an encounter he had with two police officers from the Clarkstown Police Department, in New York State. Although it’s not entirely clear if Mike is referring to a romantic relationship or just him moving from his former residence when he mentions a “bad breakup,” he and the landlord are apparently not getting along well. As a result, the landlord called the police on him over where he parked his moving van.

Instead of remaining outside or opening his door to potentially allow the police access to his house, Mike proceeded to talk to them from the roof of the building. Although that’s a bit of an odd choice, Mike has the right idea in doing whatever he can to avoid contact with the police. Generally nothing good can come from that. Oftentimes, such contact leads to a kidnapping, assault, or worse. Even if you have to climb the walls, maintain your distance whenever possible.

Date/Time of Incident: Sept 17th 930pm
Department/Officers Involved: Car 2217 – Clarkstown (NY) Police Department
Department Phone No.: (845) 639-5800
Department Facebook Page: Clarkstown Police Department on Facebook
Department Twitter Account: @Clarkstown PD

Me and the landlord are currently going through a bad breakup. I moved most of my stuff today and came home around 9pm.

After that, I had a friend pick me up and within five minutes my roommate called saying the cops were there because the moving truck was blocking her son from pulling into the driveway.

Part one of the video shows the first encounter as I pulled back up. Part two of the video shows the encounter when they knocked on my front door to talk to me. I wisely talked to them from the roof instead of opening the door and giving the armed thugs access to my house.

I stopped the video too short because they said they were going to ticket the truck for no front license plate after the video ends. I said its on private property and they replied “it’s within 10 ft of the road” I told them to leave the ticket on the windshield and have a good night. The never issued a ticket…

Just more lies, threats, and intimidation tricks, as usual.

Stand your ground everyone. Flex your rights.

– Mike V

Part One:

Part Two:

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