Treatment of Little Rock cops involved in drug trade on-duty shows double-standards

The write-up below comes to us from KATV out of Little Rock, Arkansas. It clearly demonstrates the double-standards afforded to some individuals based on their place of occupation. If the FBI had proof that you worked security detail during a transaction for half a ton of marijuana would you be free to go prior to trial? Not only were Mark Jones and Randall Robinson engaged in activities that were illegal per man-made legislation, they acted while working as police officers – in their squad cars, in uniform. This entire situation could have been avoided in one easy step: allow for consensual interactions for all goods and services. That means an end to drug prohibition (and the accompanying lucrative black market and violence) and an end to the double-standards (real accountability for those who are paid to protect person and property). -Pete

Arrested Little Rock Officers Walked out of Federal Court

Two Little Rock officers walked out of federal court Monday without handcuffs. Mark Jones and Randall Robinson were arrested May 24, accused of a drug trafficking crime and possession of a fire arm. The preliminary examination and bond hearing took four hours.

The judge released the half brothers after asking himself, “are they a danger to the community?” He did however say there is probable cause evidence on both men.

Mark Anthony Jones and Randall Tremayn Robinson walked out of federal court to dozens of cheering friends and family. Now, they won’t have to stay behind bars until the trial date is set.

As protocol with officers, both men have been kept away from other inmates, in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day.

When the men walked out, Randall Robinson’s wife said, “I’m very excited, I thank God he gets to come home and our prayers have been answered.”

Mark Jones wife, Kimberly told Channel Seven off camera, “It is a great day.”

Ronald Davies is Jones’ attorney. He says the judge made a fair decision, “We look forward to continue to work toward laying a proper context for the discussions in this case and see what happens.”

Rick Holiman is Randall Robinson’s Attorney. He says, “It was the right thing to do by the judge and the government’s lawyers are good at what they do.”

The judge did not rule on the weapons charge. He stated that even though the men wore their police uniforms, drove their department cars and were on the clock during the alleged drug trafficking, there’s no evidence to suggest they had their weapons. But it can be brought up at trial again.

Mark Jones is 45, he allegedly did security for three deals, helping distribute what he thought was more than one-thousand pounds of marijuana.

Randall Robinson is 38; he is accused of helping with the last drop.

There is video and audio of both men with informants working for the FBI.

Among other conditions the men have to follow, they gave up their passports, their wives must monitor them, they must look for employment, can’t have a gun in the home or be in possession of one, must be drug tested and keep in touch with their attorney.

Jones can go to work, church or a hospital, but has to be home otherwise. He will be fitted with a monitoring device. Leaving court he said, “We have to get ready for this defense now.”

According to the Little Rock Police Department, Robinson resigned and Jones was terminated last week.

They were arrested in May, charged with conspiring to aid and abet and attempting to aid and abet the possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, and possessing a firearm while taking part in a drug-trafficking crime.



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