Charlotte Area Secret Service Employee Puts Drivers at Risk

This video was shared with us from a Charlotte, NC-based Copblocker who wrote:

I videotaped the segment they use in this article. One of the other drivers the “cop” almost hit did respond to the reporter that he saw the same thing, but so far, no justice. The police claim it is not one of their cars, but if it is someone faking, he did a real good job (lights in front and back, extra antennae on the back, etc.). I must have gotten the license plate down wrong, because the reporter did check with both the local and state LEOs and they didn’t have the plate in their system – he also speculated that perhaps someone altered the plate. I think every explanation that this is NOT a cop, sounds like something out of the movies, not reality – in reality, the simplest explanation is generally the right one, and the simplest explanation is that we have a local angry cop out on the road who has severe road rage and is putting the rest of us at risk.

On May 23rd Charlotte-based NBC affiliate WCNC posted about the incident:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A viewer sent NewsChannel 36 the video you’ll see in the video below. It seems to show one of two things–neither good. Either it’s a cop using his unmarked vehicle and blue lights to vent some road rage or a so-called “blue light bandit” who is not a law enforcement officer but illegally using blue lights. That’s a felony in North Carolina. . .

“Unlawfully operating a vehicle on a public street…equipped with an operating blue light …to cause a reasonable person…to stop his vehicle…” is subject to a Class H felony.

Neither the North Carolina State Highway Patrol nor the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department could find a record of the license plate number recorded by the tipster in the video and in a subsequent e-mail.

So we’re asking you.

Do you recognize a late model, black Dodge Charger with a license plate similar to XXK 8016? One or two of those digits may be wrong.  But if you recognize this description, shoot us an e-mail at and we’ll pass it along to the Highway Patrol.

On May 29th the same outlet posted this update:

The license plate on a black Dodge Charger recorded speeding erratically on Interstate 77 in Charlotte and using blue lights to pull over a vehicle was assigned to a Secret Service agent, according to a spokesperson for the U.S. Secret Service agency.

Special Agent in Charge, Russ Nelson, of the Secret Service office in Charlotte said, “The employee was working on duty in an official capacity in a US Secret Service vehicle at the time of the incident.”

Nelson said they’re investigating the incident and have placed the agent on paid leave until the issue is resolved.



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