Sorry, I Cannot Help You & Neither Can Anyone Else – Abolish the Police

A response to all of the victims of the police state who reach out to us as counsel and advisers.


Many of the submissions we get, as well as a great number of the guest posts to our Facebook Page, are attempts by folks to get assistance in their police and legal entanglements. Although we wish we could help, there are many reasons we cannot. First and foremost is that we are writers and direct action activists, not lawyers or advocates. It is not within our skill set, nor within our power.

Today a reader shared the following plea with us…

I need help,
I live in Polk County , Florida.
Two of my sons were attacked on August 28th by a group of teenagers. Reports were made however the attacks continue.
On September 12 I was arrested for False Imprisonment for detaining 2 of the attackers for throwing rocks and threatening to kill my sons.
The cops wouldn’t look at the reports against the attackers or even list to my sons about being attacked again on September 12th.
The cops got security footage from a local store without a warrant .
Im not able to get a lawyer because I had to bond out of jail.
Please can anyone help me or tell me how to fight this.

I responded…

You cannot fight this. The state and police monopoly on force is an impediment to actual justice. Until we abolish police, this is how it will be. This is why I fight so hard to do so. I am sorry this is happening to you.

That is really all there is to it. I have already explained it numerous times. Police are incompetent at their jobs. They are not motivated to solve actual crimes. And only with the frequency of a double lightning strike do they ever just happen to be there when you need them, and then to actually provide assistance instead of making things worse.

And it is not just that they cannot and will not do their jobs – protecting, investigating, securing, etc. – they will arrest you for doing it yourself. You are not free.

There is no fixing this. This is the system serving itself perfectly. You are nothing to it. You are its nutrient and excrement. Accountability is futile. Reform is a lie. There is only one solution…

Click the banner to discover ideas for a better world by abolishing the police.
Click the banner to discover ideas for a better world by abolishing the police.

I know, you still think that is too extreme. You want to pander to the politics and fears of the average person. Average people with their average thinking are why this is still happening. Ignore them and forge ahead. Or just continue doing the things you are doing that are not working at all. When the police state has you cornered, though, don’t forget that I told you so.

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