Lucky for Him They Weren’t Cops

The following story comes to us from Lakewood. Interesting to see the comparisons he makes between the behavior or some police and firefighters.

Charges have been dropped for Bradley Colas, a Virginia cop, who while having an unusual reaction to an antibiotic he was taking that caused him to hallucinate, stabbed then shot at firefighters who were merely trying to render him aid. Since his rescuers were not primarily concerned with their own safety (do whatever it takes to go home safe at the end of your shift), he is alive to express his regret for his actions.

Compare this to the retired marine who accidentally activated his medic alert system. Cops respond, he dies.

Or Kelly Thomas, the mentally disturbed homeless man who was reported to be suspicious. Cops respond, he dies.

Woman sitting in her Jeep. Cop responds, she dies.

Luckily, Colas’ “rescuers” we’re not cops, or he certainly would have died and they would have been praised for their heroic actions.


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