Random Encounter Filmed by CopBlocker Saves Driver From Kidnapping by Oregon Police

On my way home from a night of cop watching, I saw a Multnomah County Sheriff’s Deputy light up a car and pull them over, they ended up in a Jack in the Box parking lot in Gresham, Oregon. I, of course, pursued and pull into the parking lot about 50 feet away from the cop and victim. I got out of my car and began to livestream with my phone from the cover of my car, giving the dangerous pig plenty of room.

I overheard the cop talking to the driver after running his info and heard “suspended license”. The cop ended up just writing a ticket and leaving. After the cop left, the driver called me over. I jogged over and he thanked me for filming, saying he would likely be in handcuffs if I hadn’t been filming.

That is why we film. Even with a garbage phone camera, the cops change their tune and walk a different beat when the cameras are on them.

Always film the police, it might save someone a trip to jail or it might even save a life. You don’t know until after you’ve started filming.



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