CopBlocker Ryan Scott Arrested On Fabricated Obstruction Charges

Late last night I was startled to hear a knock on my door. When I checked to see who it was, the police were standing outside claiming they had a warrant for my arrest pertaining to the traffic stop filmed the night before, where I was unlawfully ordered to exit my vehicle after the expired registration traffic stop had completed.  The article for that video can be found HERE.

My bond was set at $1,500 at 10% to walk. I was questioned, photographed, finger printed and temporarily put into population at the jail while I was being processed… all over a missing registration sticker.

What has happened here is a gross abuse of authority and desecration of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. The beginning of the aforementioned traffic stop reeks of nonsense. The officer claims to have pulled me over for registration, yet he was sitting at an intersection in the dark, and there is no possible way that he could have seen my plate to determine it was expired or not. He saw my car as I drove by. He knew exactly who I was and targeted me. In my opinion, there is a direct correllation between this recent traffic stop and how frequently I have been filming the police. To prove a point, the police department and the judge who signed the warrant decided it was best to conduct a punitive arrest against me as a form of punishment without due process, and charged me with Obstructing a Peace Officer.

In the case law Rodriguez v US, and in similar cases such as the tragic Sandra Bland case, it has been deemed unconstitutional for a traffic stop to prolong any longer than it would be necessary to complete the original reason for the stop. That is of course, unless there were otherwise reasonable suspicion of a crime, or incriminating evidence that was left in plain sight. Neither of those criteria were met in the stop in which the citation had already been completed; the officer ordering me out of the car because I did not want to roll down my window for my own safety. Considering the state of the nation, and the repetitive nature of violence from police, it is extremely reasonable to not want to exit my vehicle in the middle of the night on a country road without a supervisor present. I never directly disobeyed a lawful order. I asked for a supervisor, and when Officer Becker said “when they get here, they’ll tell you the same thing” I simply stated “well see”. However, when the supervisor arrived on the scene, I was told I was free to leave after signing my citation. I was told by Becker that I would be given the option to exit the vehicle under the supervisor’s authority (which is my legal right to do so). I was never given that opportunity. I was told I was free to leave and SET UP TO BE ARRESTED at a later date. I have the supervisor admitting in a recorded conversation that he arrived just as I was being let go by Becker.

I absolutely feared for my safety, given the aggressive demeanor of the officer and his eagerness to overreach his authority. These cops have it out for me, and I wasn’t taking any chances of being killed while my murderer gets a paid vacation and a raise. People die like this every day in our country.

I am currently seeking help from anyone willing to provide it! This type of obvious abuse from police being able to pull someone over for something as arbitrary as a registration, and then order them from the safety of their own car to conduct further searches and questioning is unconstitutional, unethical, and can happen to absolutely anyone! I ask anyone with legal knowledge and desire to combat injustice to reach out to me at I will try my absolute best to respond to all emails.

I will be providing further information as it unfolds, as well as a recorded phone conversation with the supervisor from the night before. Some things to note:
It took 24 hours to serve the arrest warrant after alleged crime (obstructing a traffic stop)
Illinois no longer sends out registration sticker reminders in the mail
It is possible that I have a valid registration and the sticker is simply missing from the plate (I honestly don’t remember and will be checking with the DMV today)
The officers who arrived to my home did NOT have an arrest warrant on their person, and I was given the warrant after I was booked and free to leave the jail.

I will be on air with Greg Bishop WMAY Springfield radio to further discuss these events later in the week. I will keep you updated to the best of my ability.

Readers may contact the DeKalb County Police Department at their FACEBOOK  or at (815) 748-8400 Ext #1.

Ryan Scott

Ryan Scott is a journalist and police brutality/accountability activist in the Northern Illinois area. Ryan is the founder of DeKalb County Cop Watch, Illinois Against Checkpoints, and also known for several viral videos involving police activism.