Police Caught Whitewashing DPS Racial Profiling Stats

Racial profiling is an ugly reality. A reality the police would like to keep a secret. After all, if profiling exists, then systemic racism can’t be too far behind. While most people recognize profiling of race, for purposes of gathering the statistics: “Race or ethnicity” means of a particular descent, including Caucasian, African, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, or Middle Eastern descent.

Unfortunately, too many police still see profiling as a tool, and they aren’t willing to give it up without a fight. So, instead of realizing it’s not only wrong, but unconstitutional, they do what they can to hide it. The easiest way to do that is by “whitewashing”..

Whitewashing tricks the system by padding the stats. Instead of reducing profiling stops, they play the system by altering the numbers. Show more of those profiling stops as a white person no matter what race or ethnicity they are. It’s subtraction by addition. Subtract the Hispanic and black numbers by adding them to the white numbers.

A KXAN Austin investigation discovered DPS troopers across the state are inaccurately reporting the race of minority drivers who are African American, Asian, but mostly Hispanic, as white. KXAN uncovered the discrepancies while reviewing more than 16 million DPS traffic citation records dating back to 2010.

Tx DPS Traffic Stops

With stats like this, there is no denying that whitewashing was in play here. How is anyone supposed to believe profiling doesn’t exist if they will go to these extremes just to pad their stats? What are they trying to cover up? Perhaps systemic racism?

The response to the KXAN investigation:

“Fueling unfounded insinuations of racial profiling also has the potential to foster an anti-police environment that not only hinders our ability to protect the communities we serve, but could even put officers’ lives at risk.” ~ Tom Vinger, the Press Secretary for the Texas Department of Public Safety

This seems to be the go to response to anything critical of anything law enforcement. We see it in video after video where a cop violating someone’s rights invokes the “anti-police” fear to justify what they are doing. Sadly, it works.

With everything going on today, there are still people who seem to think racial profiling perfectly fine, and whitewashing is perfectly acceptable. In a response to our video on this topic, this is just one response:

YouTube Response
YouTube Response

It looks like the police PR machine is working for them. Even the masses fail to understand why profiling is wrong. Of course,this is just the ongoing whitewash of all things America. A person with no real view of anything other than his own “white” experiences.  How else can you justify profiling?

The police love this kind of support. It’s easier to do whatever you want as long as you have the support of the masses.

Read the KSAN story:

Texas troopers ticketing Hispanic drivers as white




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