Cellebrite – Israeli Cellphone Surveillance Software the FBI and Police are Using to Spy on You

The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network by Mark Shotwell, via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page.

Within the post Mark discusses “Cellebrite” software, which is military grade surveillance software developed by an Israeli company and used by numerous governments, including the United States, to spy on citizens. For obvious reasons, this software represents a threat to the rights and privacy of innocent citizens, and especially anyone who is targeted by the government.

In addition Mark states:

All the scanned legal docs and Images of the Cellebrite extraction report are on this site. (Which I had to set up because of the retaliation I started getting from the police departments.)

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Police agencies throughout the State of Delaware are illegally using Cellebrite software (a military-grade software program first made famous by the San Bernardino case when Apple refused to crack the iPhone for the FBI) to extract MASSIVE amounts of highly sensitive and personally private information from citizen’s cellphone.

This takes place daily and agencies have already performed 1,000’s of these extractions (mine was done months prior to the San Bernardino case ever occurred) and ultimately violating our Constitutional rights protected by the Fourth Amendment.

The main legal issue w/ using this software is it lacks the ability to set search parameters and can only do a complete dump which any private forensics expert will tell you is typically 10,000-20,000 pages of every imaginable thing a person has done for the past 10yrs, emails, pics, etc, etc…things your phone could have never possibly seen or had access to!

I’ve uploaded my personal legal documents from the case I had last year during which I finally obtained my Cellebrite extraction report form and which was ultimately dismissed. However it’s nearly impossible to ever come across one, it took me three separate scheduled trial dates to eventually obtain it through discovery. The ACLU in Delaware had never even seen one prior to mine.

Its highly illegal and completely violates the Constitutional and civil rights of US citizens. Check out the details, it definitely needs to be brought to the peoples’ attention.

– Mark Shotwell

P.S. – Keep up the good work, me and my friends love your page!


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