PA Cop Caught Masturbating in Patrol Car

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Officer Glenn C. Woolard

A police officer from Pennsylvania is accused of masturbating in his patrol car.

Two women told investigators that they saw the officer in question exposing himself while sitting in his cruiser—once last month and another time on October 5th, based on the report that was filed.

According to, when confronted, the police officer told state troopers that he was attempting to—get this—”stimulate himself and stay awake.”

The officer, Glenn C. Woolard, is a three-year veteran with the force who has never been in trouble before. He is also a former Army Ranger. He has been charge with two counts of indecent exposure and two counts of disorderly conduct and awaits his day in court.

Woolard, 35, was not in uniform, but wearing basketball shorts, which made it easier to stimulate himself while driving.

The first woman called police after seeing him masturbating in his car in the parking lot of Dick’s Sporting Goods and Target on September 27.

When police arrived on the scene, he had left, but they reviewed footage that showed him pulling next to her car as she walked to her car from shopping.

The second woman called police saying she was driving her work truck when he pulled up next to her with his penis in his hand on October 5. When she tried to drive away, he pulled up again next to her, stroking his penis.

That woman provided police his license plate number, so they were able to track him to his home where the car was still warm.

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However, when they asked him about the allegations, he denied ever pulling out his penis and masturbating in his car. But he eventually confessed, saying it is what kept him awake.

Woolard is a former minor league baseball player who played in the San Francisco Giant system who also served with the Army Rangers in Afghanistan.

He recently received an award from the police department for rushing into a burning home and saving a life, according to the Morning Call.



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