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I just wanted to share a letter I sent to the Office of the Sheriff regarding the reckless shooting of an well behaved, well loved, innocent dog in my neighborhood. I am sickened by what happened and by what such reckless behavior by those who are supposed to serve and protect. It is by some miracle that no one else was fatally injured during such a lame, story changing, show of power incident. Please refer to Diablo or Dog Shot by Cops in Penfield/Perinton for further information.

Dear Sheriff O’Flynn and members of the MC Sheriff’s Department:

Day 3 of being back to work and I can’t focus. All I can think about is the last time I saw Diablo and gave him his usual head pet and ear scratch and in return I got my kisses. I had to walk a few feet into the driveway to see Diablo because he wouldn’t come near the sidewalk due to his Invisible Fence. I always had to drag myself away because he was such a lover. I could have stayed there all day. But I will no longer be able to enjoy my walks down Whitney Road, the crossroad of my street, which I always walked down to walk to the store or walk my dog Riley, a 45# Vizsla who I now keep under lock and key, fearing for her safety from those who are suppose to be there to serve and protect us. You see, my dog will definitely come running at you barking if you come into our yard, but as soon as you say something to her she will run back to the house, sometimes still barking with her tail between her legs. She just wants to make sure I know someone is there. Once she knows she has alerted me it’s up to you if you can stand all the licking she will give you. She’s a sweetheart, sleeps with me every night. So WAS Diablo. Riley still has a chance, Diablo doesn’t.

As a child I was taught to always trust a Police Officer. If you ever need anything find a Police Officer. If you are lost, talk to a Police Officer. Police Officers were portrayed as happy, smiling, individuals who where there for you. Now I have to fear what the police will do under any given circumstances, and quite frankly, after the shooting of innocent Diablo down the road from me Friday evening, I do not feel a sense of security anymore. As I hope you can now see, Diablo was far from an aggressive dog. My 7 month old Granddaughter was not afraid of him and yet two grown Police Officers felt so endangered they had to kill him? Our whole community, anyone and everyone who knows (KNEW) Diablo, knows without question that this is a terrible injustice, a show of power, a pay back of sorts. I do not want this officer or officers patrolling my area. I don’t want to live in fear that they may get angry with me or someone else and have to use their badge and weapon and show of force to let me know “whose boss” or worse yet, kill one of my family members.

Now I’m not accusing the whole force of being corrupt or untrained or of lacking good judgment. I have family members and friends in the force serving our county. I have been helped by wonderful Police Officers. I have the utmost respect for those who are truly here to serve and protect us. It is more than obvious that that was not the behavior that was displayed on Friday, June 1st around 11:30pm. I heard the gunshots and thought to myself, “that sounded like gunshots” and then thought to myself, “no, not in this neighborhood, must be kids with some leftover firecrackers or something”. You have no idea how badly I wish my last thought was true. Unfortunately, it wasn’t and Diablo’s death was quickly brought to my attention early Saturday morning. I have cried every day since; for Diablo who was so sweet and loveable, for Gary whose heart is broken, and for myself because I am so angry, hurt and confused as how this could have possibly happened. And the scariest thought of all, the thought that there is a possibility if not a probability that this officer will in no way be reprimanded, let alone fired and removed from the force.

Please pay attention to what the community is telling you. We, us, the taxpayers, the voters are calling on Officer O’Flynn to do the right thing, to show the public that he is here for the community, not to cover up what his tight nit club interprets as justified in their own eyes. In Sheriff O’Flynn’s own words:

I strongly believe in important values. These include leading with integrity and demonstrating respect for the public trust. Personal responsibility is the key to success and helps us arrive at solutions that are in the best interest of everyone. It is the hallmark of a character-based organization, and it is a standard I expect from every member of your Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

So please, show us that you mean what you say and say what you mean. Put trust back into our community so that we can feel safe and confident if we should ever need help or service from the sheriff’s department. It has been stated that there is an internal investigation and a thorough investigation going on, that neighbors are being interviewed. I have not talked to a police officer at all. I’m a neighbor, a very concerned heartbroken neighbor who demands answers to some questions that I deserve the answers to. The public deserves the answers. We need the answers. I know I won’t get a response to this but I had to take the time as a professional myself to speak my mind. I don’t know what my future holds in the Penfield/Perinton area where I live, it will never be the same. At the same time, I don’t know if I can leave the community and the support we give each other. I would be happy to discuss this with anyone in sheriff’s department who feels they can address my questions.

Thank You,





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