Pullover Pal: A Simple Product to Help Keep You Safe from Road Pirates

The following advertisement was shared with us via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page. Though our submissions are not intended for advertising products, when I see a simple innovation that could help keep people safe from the skittish, jumpy badged thugs, it is worth sharing.

Ronnie Fulcher writes:

Pullover Pal is a revolutionary product that allows the driver to have immediate access to all pertinent information while driving. Our product will decrease the amount of interaction needed during a traffic stop. When pulled over grab your Pullover Pal from your glove box that will already have your registration, proof of insurance and your carry permit, disability indicator or other vital information in it. Add driver’s license and place on door or window, and then place your hands on the wheel. This will eliminate reaching and the officer will not fear for his life. This product is also great for the deaf community.

Please visit www.thepulloverpal.com or the Pullover Pal Facebook Page for more information.


I just want to add a few things.

First, the safety paranoia of police is not rational. You do not need the Pullover Pal because YOU make police fear for their life, but because they already do out of misguided cultural paradigms and constantly being trained to fear and suspect everyone not wearing a shiny, magic badge. And if you are deaf or have some disability or issue that police should know about, sharing documentation could be an easier way to share that information than trying to reason with a fretful gangster.

And secondly, do NOT put both hands on the steering wheel! Use at least one of them to record the interaction and livestream it to Cell 411 for your safety. Unless, of course, you have a mount for that, which is also a good idea.

Obviously you shouldn’t need to buy anything to protect you from the police whom you pay to protect you, but unless this is your first Cop Block article, the reasons why you might choose to do so should be self evident.

Now they just need to print – “I don’t answer questions.” – right on the front of it.

Of course, there is a shirt for that.

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