Big Changes Happening in Cop Block

As the individual Cop Block contributors adapt, evolve and grow we have decided to make some changes to reflect our goals, strengths and to represent some of the requests of our most loyal supporters.

While the Cop Block Network has a rather nomadic and sporadic list of contributors, there is always someone putting in hard work. Aside from the folks filming police and writing articles or creating other content, there are some people have their hands occupied pretty much full time. Kelly and Dylan continue to act as editors, a role which requires vast amounts of coordination to review, correct and schedule articles to be published and then shared in social media – as well as many other tasks. As well as creating content and keeping up with direct action.

Ademo still contributes content, but has spent most of his time the past few months working behind the scenes to keep things running and make some of the changes that are coming.

I will be joining him in Colorado in early 2017 where we will start from scratch with a new Cop Block Radio show. We are also looking at doing podcasts and more in-studio video content, as well as public interactions. We hope to create a defacto Cop Block Headquarters where others can join us for varying amounts of time to make awesome new content. We are excited about stretching our creativity and message through new mediums, as well as evolving those messages themselves organically through public content.

In the meantime, there are some changes you might be noticing at our Facebook page, or will be soon.

Counter Current News is no longer an affiliate, and their articles will no longer be featured on the page. While we admire and respect their right to publish whatever they want, when and however they want, we do not feel their content is consistent with our goals.

Personally I want to cultivate an audience interested in ideas and critical thought, and my criticism is that CCN pandered to outrage junkies and their insatiable thirst for victim porn. And the virtue signalling politicized everything in ways that I found not just unhelpful, but as working against something more creative and ambitious.

There have also been many requests for us to share stories of police abuse from the mainstream media, and after thinking it over we have decided to give it a shot. Although there is a concern that helping to perpetuate the same perspective that helps drive the police state may work against us, we are interested to see if we can find a balance that avoids the worst of that while providing sources the public trusts to supplement our own content and goals.

We will also try to weave more of the various local Cop Block chapters into our Facebook Page, and host more live interactions between Cop Block Network members, contributors and readers.  We hope to have at least one “Ask A Cop Blocker…” a week, or more if it is popular – although this will be for sharing and cultivating ideas and understanding, not an open invite for trolls to make the same eight accusations and claims over again.

In fact, I hope to cultivate an atmosphere less conducive to combativeness on all sides, which means both the “Cop Block should die.” and “Cops should die.” people will not have a place in our evolving format.

I will be coordinating new content to go to the page, so if you have a Cop Block chapter, want to help research news and share it with me to potentially post or have other ideas – find me on my Facebook Author Page and share to my wall.

As changes occur and people evolve, sometimes it comes time to part ways. Whether it is past contributors who have decided to see things differently, or readers who do not appreciate the changes over the past 7 years, we lost a few along the way and will continue to lose many more. No big deal. You do your thing, we will do ours. See you on the field.

But as the creativity of a core group continues to grow and evolve, we hope to transcend even our own expectations and reach out into the tentacles of thinking upon which the police state is built on. Below the police state is a far more complex, and often sinister, network of premises and assumptions that we must also address if we hope to make lasting changes.

We have to pull the thing out by its roots.

But nobody has ever done that yet.

Challenge accepted.

Alia Atreides

Hi, my name is Trevor. Thanks for reading!