Milwaukee Cop Asserting His Aggression

This is a video I located on youtube.  When MPD isn’t tatting themselves with their gang emblems, arresting people for filming them, shoving pens into helpless citizens’ ears, or shoving fingers into the anus of folks on the street, they seem to simply settle on pure intimidation of college kids.  All in a days work for MPD.

Here’s how the videographer explains it:

Its events like this that cause MPD to have a bad reputation.

We got home from the bar and the police were finishing up at our neighbor’s because their party must have been too loud. A couple of us were standing on our porch having an afterbar drink and talking quietly when around 6 officers came over and started giving us a hard time. They then wanted the girl who lives at the house to come outside in her pajamas to question her. They took and sat her in the police van down the road and questioned and warned her about a bunch of nonsense. Remember we just got home from being gone all night and were on our front lawn/porch. Also up to the point of this video starting, the office that is heard was standing there doing nothing for awhile except smoking a fat cigar until I interrupted his cigar break with a simple question. And when he started yelling, I did not say 1 more word but he kept going and getting worse.



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  • Chris Mallory

    A costumed thug who should lose his job and pension. If there were good cops, they would have arrested this cop for assault. There are no good cops.

    Assault: The threat of force with the means to carry it out.

    I post under my real name, the badge fluffers are too chickenshit to do the same.

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  • andy

    more cops being dicks for no reason

  • phillycopwatch09

    I believe we have the freedom of speech and just because that cop had a bad day or his boyfriend left him or he can’t download any kiddie porn he has to try and trample someones right to free speech. I hope he gets trampled by a herd of stampeding Gnu!

  • t.

    So drunk guy, with no standing (look up the term if you don’t get it), asks a question, which is correctly answered, but because he’s drunk he doesn’t get it so he then starts to harass the officers and then doesn’t like the result. That is what this video shows right? Just checking.

  • Common Sense


    Even his friends tell him to shut up…just a drunk ass. Poor Chad…

  • Dan

    Nothing good ever happens after 1am

  • Guy

    Drunk? Perhaps a speech impediment? Are we jumping to conclusions?

    Cops are cunts!!! Fuck’em in the neck!!!!

  • t.

    And there goes @Guy…adding a little stupid to the discussion.

  • Bill Anderson

    To read about police misconduct you will not find reported, search for “New police weapon against homeless” and “Historic coverup of FBI and police crimes currently taking place”. Masters degree Harding University 1993

  • Guy

    @t: Stupid? You must have more info on this than the article.

    Cops are cunts!!! Fuck’em in the neck!!!!

  • John

    His friend in the background trying to get him to stop asking questions should be ashamed of himself. It is scared, ignorant people who are uninformed of their rights and feed these cops power trip by acting so pussified and afraid of what might happen for questioning the conduct of an officer. Find some new friends Dan

  • Kattie Weigleb

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