Cop Gets Denied Search, Says All Frisbee Golfers Are Stoners [video]

Oh cops, you silly fuckin’ twats. Only a little piggy brain could conceive of a scheme to try to extort and imprison someone by the idiotic logic that all frisbee golfers are stoners. (video below)

I don’t know any of the details about this interaction beyond the video, but here is what I do know. This was a peaceful citizen who had done nothing to arouse suspicion of drug possession except that he likes to play a silly hippy sport. And this cop uses this to try to twist him into self-incrimination so that he can criminalize him and claim another victim in the drug war.

It is disgusting that a person with authority would stoop to such thuggish conniving in order to fuck up another human beings life. How easily he lies and assumes and insinuates. How readily he is to jump to conclusions, accusations and and manipulation in order to claim a victim in his self-righteous crusade against peaceful people.

And he is not alone. This is the kind of shit cops do day in and day out. They are like abusive spouses who twist your words and use everything they can to push you into some kind of guilt so that they can justify their abuse of you. It is disgusting, perverted and psychopathic.

Fuck your badge.

If you wear a badge and you are okay with these tactics, you are not a good cop. You are a coward who overlooks the treachery of your enterprise to either make a buck or to fulfill your lifelong desire to be a power tripping gangster.

On a happier note, the guy in the video handled himself like a champ! Kudos, dude.

Also, all frisbee golf players actually are (or at least were) stoners. But profiling is still unethical and illegal. Fuck your badge.

Alia Atreides

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