How To Beat Camera Enforced Traffic Tickets [VIDEO]

In many cases a traffic violation issued based on camera enforced evidence does not provide enough information for you to face prosecution, and can often be resolved simply via mail.


One of the most popular articles at is How to Beat a Photo-Enforced Speeding Ticket (or Red Light Ticket) by former contributor Nate Cox.

His carefully documented process of overturning his citations should be read in full at the link above.

The following video is a basic summary which I hope will encourage further study and critical thinking on the matter by our audience, who tend to interact more readily with informational videos.


Your Car Cannot Commit A Crime

Crimes, by definition, are unlawful acts committed by individuals. This is how the state and it’s chartered corporations escape consequences for their endless trespasses against their own dictates.

So unless the photo or video evidence presented against you by prosecutors clearly shows your presence beyond any reasonable doubt, you cannot be held liable for the commission of any alleged crimes.

Appeal Your Citation

Citations, or Summons, for photo enforced traffic violations will be issued through the USPS mail. In most cases they will offer you a chance to appeal by return mail.

Simply write them back stating that their accusations are in error, and unless they can tie you to the violation with direct evidence of your presence, they should discontinue prosecution for the sake of the law and taxpayers.

You may have to, or choose to, appear in court for the citation/summons instead. In that case continue to plead innocent and ask the prosecution to provide direct indisputable evidence of your involvement in any alleged crimes – as well as for the judge to dismiss the case.

There Are No Guarantees

Simply put, the law is not on your side. Although this advice should exonerate you from criminal charges for camera enforced traffic violations in most cases, the system does not play fair, and new case precedents come up all of the time.

As with everything else we say or suggest, do your own research, question everything & think (critically) for yourself.

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