The War on the Public…

This solid write-up comes to us from When Tennessee Pigs Fly (you may recall a previous post they made to Cop Block)

Last year the police across this country tried to snow us over once again, lying and twisting the facts to convince us there was a “War on Cops”… that was quickly and thoroughly debunked by Radley Balko of Reason Magazine, in his article “The War on Cops That Isn’t…”

In this article he points out that its safer to be a police officer today than it has been in the last 35 years… he goes on to point out that police advocates drew unsupported conclusions from a rash of attacks, claiming they were tied to rising anti-police sentiment, anti-government protest, or a lack of adequate gun control laws.

He listed several articles written by NPR, MSNBC and such which interviewed various cops who touted such unsubstantiated claims, but as Radley writes… “Digging into these articles, and you’ll find no real evidence of an increase in anti-police violence, let alone one that can be traced to anti-police rhetoric, gun sales, disrespect for authority, or “don’t tread on me” sentiment. Amid all the quotes from concerned law enforcement officials in MSNBC’s “War on Cops” article, for example, was a casual mention that police fatality statistics for January 2011 were about the same as they were in January 2010. Right after suggesting to NPR that the recent attacks were related to anti-government rhetoric, Shane acknowledged there has been little research into the underlying causes of police shootings.”

Now this brings us to a point we raised a few months back in a post we titled Overkill… where we pointed out something we see as a troubling trend among our nations cops and their unbridled use of deadly force, and the speed at which they will move to kill people.

Recently, several more articles have come out raising the same questions and concerns that we have.

Reason Magazine today writes that, Police officers in Los Angeles County shot and killed 54 people in 2011, an increase of 70 percent over 2010. The article also points out that nationwide only 72 police officers were shot and killed in that same year. While in one city alone that police force accounted for 1 out of every 10 people shot and killed… now think about that for a second… ”With 612 people killed in that county last year,” reports the LAT*, “nearly 1 in every 10 such deaths occurred at the hands of law enforcement officers.”

1 out of every 10 people who were shot and killed in LA County in 2011 were killed by the cops…

For contrast all the cops in the entire country of Germany fired all of 85 rounds in 2011… QUOTE: “According to the German Police University police officers used exactly 85 bullets in 2011 – 49 warning shots, 36 shots on suspects. 15 persons were injured, 6 were killed. Germany has a population of about 80 million.”

At the LA County Sheriffs Dept, the LA Times discovered a document suggesting the LA County SD Gang Unit known as the “Jump Out Boys”, embraces shootings as a badge of honor. This is truly horrifying when you consider that half the people shot at by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies after reaching toward their waistbands turned out to be unarmed….

And in Las Vegas, the LV Review Journal found that LV Metro area police have been involved in 378 shootings since 1990, 142 of them fatal. One agency alone, the Metropolitan Police Department, was responsible for 310 shootings and 115 deaths. And all of them were ruled justified

In Houston TX, an investigation found that 1 out of every 3 people shot by HPD are unarmed

In Albuquerque NM, the DA has suspended the practice of presenting police shooting cases to the Grand Jury after it was discovered that no case has ever been ruled unjustified…

The US Department of Justice after conducting a wide reaching investigation of the Seattle Police Dept found that, 1 out of every 5 use of force incidents by the SPD are unconstitutional…

And in Illinois a commission investigating police torture found that the Chicago Police Department physically tortured so many people dating to the 1970s, the state actually defunded and shut the commission down. We can only assume they did so, because no one wanted to know the full scale of this domestic war crime.

Nationwide police brutality cases are on the rise…

We could go on and on and on and list hundreds of more news articles detailing more events such as the ones presented here.

What this all boils down to is the police want us to believe there is a nationwide war on cops, but the truth is actually much worse. The truth is the cops have declared war on the citizenry…



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  • certain

    1. Citizen (non-cop) review board with indictment powers and the ability to strip a police officer of his LEO credentials.
    2. Federal laws restricting police unions to pay and benefit negotiations only.

    Until these 2 things are put into place, “officer safety” will mean a free ticket to shoot and kill anybody who frightens a cop, knowingly or not. A cop knowing that he is personally on the hook for shooting somebody might think twice.

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  • Common Sense

    Many towns/cities do have a citizens review panel. Many states do not allow public unions. With the media, its about the headline. A 50% increase sounds huge, but when the actual number is an increase of 15 shootings up from 10, its all about perception.

    On a side note, the number of those killed by the police have declined over the past several years, as have the number of officers killed. The number of police shootings (no one hit, suspect hit and lives, suspect hit and killed, officer shot without returning fire etc.) have fluxed between 1100 and 1300 from year to year.

  • Rita

    And all public servants should be subject to accountability in both criminal and civil courts for their actions on the job.

  • Rita

    Common, name one state that doesn’t allow public unions. Seriously. And how does that mitigate the harm done by police in states that do?

  • Common Sense

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but NC, SC, GA and TX ban collective bargining. 22 states are ‘right to work’ states.

  • t.

    Rita: name a state in the south that allows unions. Real unions. Not just associations.

  • Joseph Libertarian

    We don’t need unions in the south when the police have the monopoly of force, investigate their own, and take actions that would be very illegal if they were not wearing badges, often because they felt “in danger”.

  • blueyedevil

    Certain you are absolutely correct and a side note if you arm the citizens there will be no need for so many cops

  • Rita

    Arizona is a “right to work” state but we sure as hell have a police union. In fact, the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police claims to be the largest police union in the country. Seems their most important role, after providing legal defense for murderers, is lying to the public about how dangerous their jobs are.

  • Guy

    Check out the International Association of Chiefs of Police Code of Ethics Sec’s 1.112, 1.113, 1.114 for duties of leo’s. They are not closely adhered to, obviously.

    Cops are cunts!!! Fuck’em in the neck.

  • dougo

    all you brainwashed myopic pigs go do your usual and beat up your cop sucking wife so she will give you some.

  • Centurion

    @ Rita , Common makes shit up to sound pretty in the Mirror, hes full of shit. Hes a cop with a BINKY in his mouth. The number of unfounded complaints against Lawdickforcement are staggering until politicians get involved in the investigation to make them look like they care, what our servants with badges are doing ? They lie ,steel rape,murder trespass , the list gos on and on, t and common are part of that brainwashed mommas boy group of Nazi Police state dweebs with an agenda to destroy freedom, and imprison you with thousands of laws that our country cant pay for regulating. Their sense of Liberty is worth the last shit you took.

  • The politicians will never get involved, until and unless the voters begin throwing them out en mass over police misconduct and the lack of serious oversight.

    Until the politicians begin to feel the heat and pay a price via the ballot box, this will never change.

    The politicians view the cops as necessary evils, their enforcers and hit men, no different than the mafia views its enforcers and hit men. They both serve their masters and at their masters pleasure.

    The police are simply a tool the elected use to enforce their will upon an unwilling public. Its sad the cops cannot see this. But they are indeed in a dangerous position, one that 99% of them are willfully ignorant to.

    First they are disposable to politicians in times of “electoral crisis”. Meaning that once the elected ruling class begins to suffer losses over public outrage at police misconduct. They will move to crack down on the cops and disassociate themselves from their ranks so fast, it’ll make every police union’s head spin.

    And the pubic that has already thrown them overboard, having lost all faith and respect in them years ago. Will offer them no sympathy for their plight and will still view them as suspect.

    Once that time comes, they, the cops will truly be a ship with no port in any brewing storm.

    You are already seeing it trend in such direction, with the passing of the law in Indiana reaffirming the publics right to resist unlawful police actions with force.

    Kalifornia of all places just overwhelmingly rejected two laws the police unions were demanding they pass. WHich would have shielded the names of cops from public release in any format.

    North Carolina just rejected a similar attempt by the cops to amend that states sunshine laws to shield them and their criminal actions from public scrutiny.

    Its small baby steps like this that is slowly eating away the land mass the cops have chosen to make a stand on.

    Once its all gone they will truly be the most hated people in America. A distinction they almost hold now, but not quite… I’m sure that title still goes to such people as the KKK and the Black Panthers.

  • Common Sense says: “Please correct me if I am wrong, but NC, SC, GA and TX ban collective bargining. 22 states are ‘right to work’ states.”

    In Georgia the police have the right to unionize and the police unions can actively negotiate contracts which have the full force and weight of any civil contract.

    GA law prohibits any and all public safety worker including Nurses and other Medical Personnel, union or non-union from striking… but the cops still have bouts of the “Blue Flu” quite often…

    In the late 90’s a sheriff fired his entire department, around 45 people for attempting to strike via the blue flu… the surrounding agencies and the Georgia State Patrol had to come in and provide services while he looked for new employees.

  • Pete Malloy

    Everybody hates on T and Common, I think I might be getting a complex. Where’s me some freeman hate lol.

  • bob dillian

    Look up all of the gun laws in Germany and you’ll see why the number of shootings is so low. Give the facts you lying jackass.

  • WhenTennesseePigsFly

    Bob dillian… I presume you are talking to me with your ignorant comments…. So here are the facts for you…

    Germany has a population of just over 80 million people… There is 25 million privately owned firearms in Germany, including semi auto rifles and pistols… Roughly 30 guns per 100 people.

  • Friend


  • dcf10