Taking back our liberty – the true battle for freedom

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When did America become such a radical tyrannical police state? Since the passing of the Patriot Act and the NDA act, the fourth amendment has been completely abolished. America is using predator drones to spy on American’s and these police officers are being fooled by the government’s deceit. Since when did soda over 16 Oz become criminal? Since when did 7 year olds receive violations for operating w/o a restaurants license? Since when did officers sit-in-wait dressed in full camo waiting for hikers and hunters to pick up antlers found in the wilderness (who wouldn’t pick them up? let alone know it was illegal?)

Since when did it become okay to assassinate American citizens under the NDA act? We are being fooled in the name of freedom. America has evolved into a police state by using the notion of ‘protecting freedom,’ but in doing so have imposed their will and have begun controlling Americans in every way. For years I have been saying America isn’t free the way you think. Family and friends would always give the same old argument of ‘if they don’t like it leave it.” I have been abroad to Switzerland, France, Netherlands and these places I can honestly say are FAR more  free than America.

Only in America can BINGO be criminalized (Arkansas). There must be a way to re-take America – this is why our forefathers provided us with the second amendment – to be able to take back a government that has become tyrannical. (The whole point of our constitution was to restrict government powers because that’s what we were escaping from in England.)

Today our taxes go to Predator drones which fly over YOURS and MY towns, not just in areas where America is involved in wars. Our taxes go to providing millions of police officers’ salaries and more and more are being hired and conforming to the imposition of control over citizens. How can we use our military men and women – the original protectors of freedom to re-take our country? How can Americans ban together and stop this tyranny that is only getting worse and only going to get more and more out of control. “Live as free men, yet without using your freedom as a pretext for evil.” 1 Peter Ch. 2 verse 17.

I am about to obtain my law degree and I am willing to join your struggle to re-take our liberty and stop this tyrannical government. It has gotten so out of control, I fear using my real name and even created an e-mail just for this very post because I fear my dissent will not go unnoticed. Thank you for starting this website and do everything in your power- YouTube, Facebook, etc., to get the message across that this is the battle for freedom of our generation. Not in the Middle East (there are only 100 terrorists in Afghanistan!!!!!!!)


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